New College of Florida

Contact:  Jean Harris, Director, PMD 215
Phone: 941-487-4570

Contact:  Dana Bulger, Procurement Specialist, PMD 217
Phone: 941-487-4571

Procurement forms and SAMPLE Templates


Fiscal Year End Schedule

Fiscal Year End Reminder Powerpoint

Fiscal Year Start Reminders Powerpoint


COVID19 – Finance Office Processes

Sample Certificate of Insurance

Sample Supplier Agreement


Additional information



Rental Vehicles

Purchasing Tidbits

  1. HP/Regulations/Public Surplus
  2. Vendor Spend/Savings 2015
  3. Off Campus Equipment Use/Travel Expense Reimbursements
  4. Sole Source Certification/Service Agreement Details/International Vendors
  5. General Purchasing provision guidelines/Vendor Resource and State/Cooperative Contract details
  6. Independent Contractor Form/Stipends/Honorariums
  7. Copier Leases/Attractive Assets
  8. Authority to Sign Contracts
  9. Attractive vs. Capital Assets/Invoice Processing Stamp/Blanket PO’s for the new FY
  10. Tax Exempt Certificate/Requisitions for the new FY/New Vendors – application form
  11. Internal Community Website
  12. Searching in Banner
  13. Car Rentals/Toll Pass/Public Surplus Auction Site
  14. Direct Pays/Insurance Certificates
  15. Employee Security Checks/Blanket PO set-up/Initiating a Requisition
  16. Car Rentals/ Insurance and Background Checks
  17. Procurement Services Regulations
  18. Moving Reimbursement Guidelines – Updated/W9’s ARGOS PO Listing
  19. Blanket PO’s for new fiscal year, Insurance and Background checks, Supplier Agreement
  20. Employee Moving Expenses, Cell Phone Annual Certification
  21. When to ask for quotes, waiver of competition, sole source
  22. Property Removal Form, Hotel Vendors, Guest Speakers
  23. Banner Tips – Orgs and Vendors, Guest Speakers
  24. Latest version of W9, Technology Acquisition Checklist, Attractive Assets
  25. Metz is the exclusive caterer, Office Depot contact, Carry Forward
  26. Cloud based storage, DEXImaging Vendor copies
  27. Purchases over $10,000, Gov Quotes Supplier Letter explaining the registration process, Quick Reference for Cooperative Agreements
  28. Guest Speakers, 2020 Hotel information