Outreach and community engagement must be leveraged as a multiplier of the value we create for Florida and the world. And a diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning community is essential because our existence as a public institution is only justified if the value we create is accessible to all.

Institutional Priorities 


  • Ensuring institutional response to the pandemic embraces equity, supports at risk community members and does not unfairly burden historically underserved identities
  • Support the Manasota region’s response to the pandemic
  • Support institutional goals for enrollment growth, reducing the representation gap, enhancing retention for all student identities, and enhancing our regional and national profile
  • Improve staff retention (all identities), and support opportunities for improving faculty and staff representation of historically underrepresented identities
  • In a period of economic uncertainty, realize all objectives with a focus on fiscal responsibility, and maximizing leverage of philanthropic resources where possible.

Community Outreach

  • Remain active with local Chambers of Commerce and major employers; generate internship, research, and career opportunities for students
  • Build momentum with local media outlets to increase New College profile, particularly within communities of color, philanthropic communities, the arts, humanities, science and professional/pre-professional spaces
  • In collaboration with Enrollment Management, accelerate outreach activities with Manasota high schools, and community colleges, specifically SCF, Hillsborough Community College, and Valencia Community College
  • Onboard Director of Community Outreach Stacey Campo, establish efficient, sustainable processes for annual Mellon reporting and grant proposal evaluation, approval and management
  • Collaborations with Foundation on philanthropic opportunities, including minimum $300,000 companion fund-raise for Barancik (by 2023; in conjunction with Inclusive Excellence)
  • Collaborations with CEO on targeted employee and internship partners, and Mellon II-funded Arts and Humanities Internship
  • Sustain signature cultural events including Black History Month, and Visions of the Black Experience Film festival

Inclusive Excellence 

  • Document outcomes and learnings from Phase I of the Inclusive Campus Climate initiative
  • Deploy next phase of the ICC Roadmap, including Context For Discourse (C4D); Kitchen Table Conversations (KTC), Making a Better [New] podcast; New College DEI Blog post, etc.; establish a strategy for student DEI development via ICC principles
  • Post, select, hire, and onboard a Financial Literacy Specialist, Administrative Assistant, and Associate Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Fully deploy Barancik co-curricular programming, including financial literacy and leadership development
  • Develop campus-wide DEI key metrics and milestones, and support departmental implementation
  • Partner with CFO and CPD to address campus police-community relations issues
  • Collaboration with Foundation and Community Outreach to secure minimum $300,000 companion fund-raise for Barancik (by 2023)


Meet the Team!

Bill Woodson
Dean of Outreach
(941) 487-4106
Queen Zabriskie
Interim Dean of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Stacy Campo
Director of Community Outreach
(941) 487-4141
Ceci Linton
Financial Literacy Specialist
(941) 487-4143
Steven Keshishian
Social Media & Marketing Specialist
(941) 487-4144

Audrey Dixon
Newsletter Editor
(941) 487-4144
Mike Jones
Administrative Assistant
(941) 487-4142