Employee Relations

The purpose of employee relations is to strengthen the employer-employee relationship through identifying and resolving workplace issues, measuring employee satisfaction and morale, and providing support and input for quality performance management.

Employee Relations

Human Resources provides a comprehensive, service-oriented employee relations agenda to encourage and promote a positive working relationship among campus employees.

Human Resources assists supervisors with coaching and counseling their employees; serves as a mediator at meetings; recommends fair and appropriate disciplinary actions; ensures consistency throughout the campus community; and provides accurate information and guidance pertaining to various procedures, policies, and regulations.

Human Resources also assists employees with the efficient resolution of workplace disputes; oversees the complaint and grievance processes; provides career counseling sessions; and recommends alternative resources as necessary.

In order to accomplish these goals the following  practices and procedures are available:

Assisting employees and managers with advising on standards, performance, and development plans, and developing models for employee success. Please click on the Performance Management link for additional information on the performance appraisal process.

Addresses work-related employee complaints or concerns including complaints of discrimination and/or harassment.

Conflict can occur for many reasons such as lack of information, misinformation and misunderstanding, or differences in interests, personality, and ways of seeing things. At times conflict can be positive and its resolution can result in better ideas and ways of doing things. But unresolved conflict can grow into more serious disputes. If this occurs, you may want to seek our services in conflict coaching, mediation, or conflict management training.


  • Educate on the availability of mediation and conflict coaching services and make accessible to all members of the campus community.
  • Review policies and procedures and, where appropriate, incorporate mediation and conflict coaching as options to resolve disputes.
  • Provide training to increase awareness of protecting human dignity, fostering communication, reducing violence, and resolving conflict.
  • Obtain administrative support and funding for programming that leads to a positive and healthy work environment.
  • Partner with other campus entities and outside resources to offer cutting edge professional development and research opportunities in the field of mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Maintain confidentially of all parties involved in a dispute.

New College of Florida is dedicated to providing a positive campus environment free from all forms of harassment, bullying, stalking, intimidation, and exploitation. All members of the College community have a right to be treated with dignity and respect.

The College has an obligation to prevent harmful behavior, while protecting the exercise of free speech and expression. The College takes both of these obligations seriously. This Protocol shall not be interpreted or applied so as to abridge academic freedom or the rights of free speech and expression protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and any other applicable law.

Click on the Work Life Balance web page and scroll to the Positive Campus Protocol section for more information.


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) managed by Espyr is a 24 hours a day, 7 days per week confidential help line for employees and their families who may need assistance with life, family or financial challenges.

For more information click on the Work Life Balance page and scroll to the Employee Assistance Program.

To access online services, visit www.espyr.com and request the log in information.
or contact Espyr by calling 800-869-0276.



Human Resources assists in the investigation of individuals and situations that could be potential threats to the safety/security of the NCF campus community. These issues are evaluated using appropriate intervention guidelines to minimize the likelihood of violent occurrences.

Our role is to begin the process of coordinating information so potentially threatening situations or individuals may be recognized and identified before reaching a crisis stage.

Who can help?

YOU! Any staff member, faculty member or administrator worried about an employee or someone in need of assistance is able to assist by reporting the situation or person using this form:

Faculty/Staff of Concern Form


Threats of harm to:

  • Classroom disruption leading to student removal from class
  • Intoxication/impairment that impacts the learning or work environment
  • Behaviors presenting as possible psychological issues
  • Any mention of suicide or other self-injurious activity
  • Sexual harassment/sexual assault
  • Writing or discussing violence, weapons, harm to others

In case of emergency or in the need for immediate assistance, please call 911 or Campus Police at 941-487-4210.


The working environment is extremely important to each of us and should be a very positive factor in that we spend the majority of our adult life in career pursuits. To this end, the College makes every effort to enhance the working conditions and expects employees to accept a similar responsibility.

Occasionally, it becomes necessary to correct employee work habits or for the employee to call attention to inequities or other work-related problems he or she encounters. While these actions are normally attempted and accomplished in an informal, personal setting, it sometimes becomes necessary to pursue more formal avenues of corrective action and/or recourse.

Such actions should not be taken lightly or initiated indiscriminately by the employee or employer if we are to achieve a positive employee/employer relationship. Please contact Human Resources for assistance before undertaking corrective action.