Employee Engagement Program

Moments of recognition everyday to acknowledge and celebrate staff success.

New College of Florida’s Employee Engagement Program

Birthday Greetings

Human Resources sends a birthday greeting to every employee in recognition of their special day.

High Five: Recognition by Others

Send a fellow employee a “High Five!”

This is the easiest way for an employee to highlight another employee. Anyone can make a nomination! This is an opportunity to highlight someone doing a M.O.R.E. moment. When employees can recognize each other publicly for their good deeds — for instance, assisting with an important project or producing work of exceptional quality — those positive feelings resonate throughout the campus.

Some ideas for recognizing your fellow employees include:

  • Thank you for helping out without being asked.
  • Day-to-day recognition
  • For the smile that is always there
  • Consistent quality of work
  • A winning attitude
  • Being part of a team

Once the nomination is received a High Five email will be generated to let the nominee, supervisor and vice president/dean know of the praise. Employees will be recognized for the MORE accomplishment in the Campus Newsletter!

Download the form to nominate a fellow employee! Click here to download the MORE Nomination Card; 

Fill out a MORE Nomination Card located in your department or from Human Resources; or

Complete the online MORE Nomination Form.

You Rock: Take Recognition a Step Higher (coming soon)

Nominate an employee for:

  • Solving a challenging problem
  • Thinking outside of the box
  • Discovering a way to save the university money
  • Accepting a challenge outside of your job description
  • Motivating others or creating a great workplace

Employees receive a coupon from food services, recognition in an email to their supervisor and vice president/dean.

Employee of the Semester (coming soon)

We acknowledge and celebrate the successes of our employees. The Employee of the Semester Award is recognition of outstanding performance by New College of Florida staff members who have contributed to the mission and goals of the university. These employees exemplify the values of  New College.

The objective of this program is to create positive role models and to identify noteworthy accomplishments of valuable employees who through their hard work and dedication have positively impacted the campus  community.

All full-time classified staff employees, are eligible to be nominated for employee of the semester. The nominated employee must have satisfactory or above satisfactory performance on performance appraisals and no outstanding disciplinary actions.

Employees recognized under this program will have made a significant contribution to the New College of Florida clearly beyond the scope of the assigned responsibilities and duties of their position under one or more of the following categories:

  • Innovative Idea
  • Team Effort
  • Problem Solving
  • Customer Service

Examples of specific employee contributions to NCF that may be considered are:

Fiscal responsibility – accomplishes savings in cost and/or time

Mentoring/Leadership – willingness to assist others do their jobs better

Results-oriented – goes the extra mile to meet a critical deadline or deliverable

Initiative – demonstrates extraordinary resourcefulness and the ability to act and make sound decisions without direction from others

Collaboration – demonstrates outstanding teamwork in the achievement of VSU or department objectives

Attitude – keeps a consistently positive attitude toward fellow staff, faculty and students despite workload demands

Creativity – applies innovation or creativity to their job duties

Service – provides inspired service to students, faculty, staff or the public that goes beyond what is expected

Inclusion – significantly furthers diversity goals and/or makes a major contribution in promoting an inclusive work environment

Stewardship – implements a process or takes some action which significantly reduces risk at NCF

Role Model – provides an example to others within or outside of their department

Nominations for recognition can be made by any New College staff member, faculty member or student for any classified staff employee. No self-nominations will be accepted.