Student Demographics and Outcomes

Information about retention rates, and outcomes, including graduate school and job placements.

Student Demographics and Outcomes

Student Diversity

New College of Florida’s full-time student enrollment counts are displayed by gender, race/ethnicity and Federal Pell Grant recipients. See the New College Fact Books.

Retention Rates

Undergraduate retention rates are reported as percentage of first-time freshman students returning to the same institution in the fall of their second year. New College of Florida retains approximately 80 percent of its full-time, first-time freshman students in the fall of their second year.

First Time in College Students Retention and Graduation Rates

For additional information, see the New College Fact Books.

Job/Grad School Placement

  • Of the 177 graduates, 16% (29) had submitted their applications to graduate or professional schools. Seventy-six percent (22) out of the 29 applicants have been accepted to at least one graduate/professional school. Fifty-two percent of the 177 graduates (92) will attend graduate/professional schools immediately or in the near future.
  • Forty-five percent (79) of the 177 graduates reported having a job/internship/volunteer lined up for after graduation. Out of those who have a position lined up, the majority (63%; 50) plan to stay in-state. Forty-three percent (34) planned to work at a business, 33% (26) planned to work for an educational organization, and 13% (10) plan to work for a non-profit.

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