New College students write ... a LOT.

At New College you’ll find yourself challenged to produce all different kinds of writing, from literature reviews and lab reports to longer research or persuasive papers. You’ll be asked to make formal presentations and to share research with your classmates. You might submit an essay for a national prize or write a proposal for a grant to support your thesis research. Some New College students have published their writing before graduation — both fiction and academic research. But our alumnae/i are even more impressive writers — that’s one of the reasons New College students get hired in businesses, public service, nonprofits, educational institutions, legal offices and the publishing industry.

Our student newspaper, The Catalyst, is taught as a tutorial for academic credit under the sponsorship of Professor Maria Vesperi, herself a former journalist. What a great way to know your campus and community, and keep up with the changing world of journalism.

Even strong writers sometimes need to share their drafts and talk about their writing. You can always ask your professor to talk about your work and how it can become even stronger. Additionally, our Writing Resource Center (WRC) offers individual writing conferences with a Student Writing Assistant or “SWA,” someone like you who’s specially trained to act as a second set of eyes and ears and to consult with you about a project at any stage. Are you a great writer who likes to help others? You can apply to become a SWA yourself!

Beyond the classroom there are other opportunities for writing of other kinds — student-organized literature magazines spring up all the time. The WRC sponsors a journal for publishing New College student essays. Students often organize extra-curricular writing support groups for creative writing from poetry and prose to speculative fiction and creative non-fiction. Over the years on-campus publications have included Gouie, Backwards and Ugly, Muffy—the Magazine of Girrly Life, Strange Fruit: A Journal of Race and Gender, the New College Academic Journal and the long-standing New CollAge.

And for the really dedicated creative writer, every spring semester New College hosts a Visiting Writer-in-Residence, a published author with experience working with young writers who offers two seminars. Application is always by portfolio, so bring your writing with you when you come.

Take a look at our faculty profiles, and you’ll see that New College faculty are writers too — we’re always working on our next presentation for other academics, our next journal article or book. So when faculty talk about writing in their discipline, they are speaking as practitioners themselves — we really practice what we preach.

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