What alumnae/i and parents are saying.


"New College didn’t tell me what to think, but how to think. From the highly talented and accessible faculty to the application of the ideas they engendered to the dynamic interaction with fellow students, I learned how to question fundamental assumptions, test well accepted theory, and seek the underlying reasons why things are the way they are."
Christopher LoFrisco
Director, Periodontal Clinic, Las Vegas, NV

"I applied to a number of fine graduate school programs and, even without grades, was accepted by all with generous financial packages. That is not unusual; graduate schools have long known the value of a New College education; the school is sometimes referred to as the “graduate school for undergraduates” given its focus on research and writing. Consequently, New College students frequently find themselves better prepared than their graduate school colleagues."
Felice Schulaner
Former Senior VP of Human Resources, Coach Inc., Sarasota, FL

"My own parents often reflect on my college experience as something unique and distinct from their own – something that imbued in me a spirit of generosity, a love of critical thinking and questioning, a quest for solutions, and a value of collaborative enterprise. With all the other choices I could have made, they are pleased and proud to say their daughter is a New College graduate. I hope you, too, can say the same one day."
Melissa Williams
VP for Learning, John Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL

"I remember so well the beginning of my first year, when I became truly excited about academic work for the first time. I fell in love with learning for learning's sake, inspired by brilliant professors, new subjects, and the diverse perspectives of other students. I realized that, in high school I had been passively waiting to be motivated by things outside me. New College taught me the thrill of being motivated by my own passion for learning."
Ian Vandewalker
Counsel, Brennan Center for Justice, New York, NY

"After college, I was accepted at every graduate school to which I applied. I chose the University of Maryland, College Park, which offered me a prestigious and lucrative fellowship. After one year of the chemistry Ph.D. program, I transferred to the University of Rennes in western France, where I obtained my Ph.D. three years later."
Jennifer Shaw
Consultant for Research Finance Firm, Lyon, France

"New College is a unique place to study. Higher education publications list our low student‐to-faculty ratio, small average class size, and the use of a narrative evaluation system (in place of grades), but these statistics do not accurately represent the community that they are trying to describe. New College is a small community of brainy, committed professors and creative, equally‐motivated students. Students work side‐by‐side with their faculty advisors, developing close academic and personal relationships."
Thomas Knight
PhD Student, University of Florida


"Her intellectual curiosity and depth of knowledge, her love of learning, and her impressive grasp of her subject — all of which were evident in her very impressive Baccalaureate presentation — have been sharpened and expanded by her New College education. We are very grateful for the education she received, as is she. As educators ourselves, my wife and I have watched with wonder Kate's growth and terrific academic success over the years. Thanks, New College."
Jeremiah & Joanne Evarts
Cornish, NH

"As parents, we were concerned about quality, not just of the degree she might earn but of the experience she would have. We were also concerned about affordability, and although we pay out‐of‐state tuition and have additional travel expenses for the trek from St. Louis to Sarasota, we have been confident that the money is well spent."
Faith Sandler & Michael Holohan
Saint Louis, MO

"... she has flourished, matured, grown and experienced school, learning and living life in a different way. I can say without a doubt that this is the best decision that she has made. NCF is a very special school; a unique experience. Thank you, New College, for being special, unique and completely dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and lives of our future generations!"
Evelyn Villalobos
Orlando, FL

"Mae considered several schools but in the end she chose New College and I am so glad that she did. All members of the New College community—admissions and financial aid officers, administrators, faculty, housing staff—are entirely committed to the college mission of nurturing and challenging motivated students within a demanding curriculum to pursue their own intellectual bliss. Mae is a better writer, more critical thinker, more adventurous intellectual, simply a more confident and mature young woman today than she was three years ago. Thank you, New College."
Chris Beckmann
Gainesville, FL

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