A range of services for your various needs.

Academic Resource Center
The Academic Resource Center (ARC), located on the first floor of the Jane Bancroft Cook Library, is a place to study, relax, meet with professors, make voice recordings, edit video and scan documents. The ARC houses New College’s Quantitative Resource Center, Writing Resource Center, Language Resource Center, Educational Technology Services, an open-use computer lab available and a seminar room for meetings, study groups, presentations, film or TV viewing.

Campus Ministry
In supporting each individual's right of conscience, New College of Florida honors our constitutional separation of church and state. The campus minister offers help to all students, faculty and staff to discover every resource that may be helpful in supporting an individual's spiritual journey and enriching the diverse religious lives of all members of the New College community.

Campus Police
Campus Police provides a full range of police services 24 hours a day, seven days/week. All Campus Police officers are certified by the State of Florida in accordance with Florida State statute, Chapter 943. General services provided include mobile and foot patrol, criminal investigation of misdemeanors and felony crimes committed on campus, traffic enforcement, crash investigation, emergency response for all type emergencies and crime prevention programs.

Center for Engagement and Opportunity
The Center for Engagement and Opportunity includes the Director of Career Services, Internship Office Coordinator and Assistant Director of National Fellowships. The CEO facilitates students’ exploration of their interests, strategic connection of their skills and knowledge, and purposeful contribution to their communities. The CEO provides a comprehensive program of career exploration, experiential education, including community service, fellowships, internships, volunteer work, and job and graduate school search. The Center actively cultivates partnerships with local, regional, national, and international employers and graduate schools to support student success.

Student Ombudsperson
The Student Ombudsperson serves as a resource and provides assistance with informal, impartial and non-adversarial alternatives for the resolution of conflict. A student’s use of the Ombudsperson is voluntary. The Ombudsperson directs students toward appropriate College resources and facilitates discussion to identify the best options to resolve problems.

The Ombudsperson is guided by recognized professional standards, including the principles of independence, neutrality, confidentiality, and informality, unless otherwise required by law.  The Ombudsperson reports directly to the President.

The Student Ombudsperson may be contacted at ombuds@ncf.edu.

Counseling and Wellness Center
The Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC) is available to all currently registered New College and University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee students. The CWC provides services related to the development of the whole person: emotional and physical well-being, as well as academic concerns. A wellness philosophy is the foundation for all services and programs. Our belief is that wellness helps students to be more responsible for their lives and to understand the factors that affect their well-being. CWC therapists provide individual, couples and group counseling, as well as crisis intervention and psycho-educational information. The center provides health services, including immunizations, and disability services designed to support each student’s full participation in all programs and activities.

Emergency Preparedness
New College is dedicated to ensuring an organized, structured, coordinated and caring response in crisis emergency situations. The campus is equipped with a system of emergency telephones, aka "blue phones" that, when activated, dial directly into the Campus Police department, in addition to strategically-placed cameras in parking areas. Our NCFSafe system enables the College to contact all members of the New College community simultaneously via email, analog/ cellular telephone and text messaging in the event of an emergency. We also have several communications systems that use broadcast speakers to alert everyone of an emergency. This includes two-way communications between each classroom, or as a group to the Campus Police dispatch. Dispatch can then make a campus-wide announcement to one or all classrooms, and classroom occupants can make a call to police dispatch with the push of a button. And living in Florida, you can be assured that we are highly prepared in the event of a hurricane, tropical storm or other weather emergency. Read our Emergency Operations Plan.

Gender and Diversity Center
Through programming, advocacy and collaboration, the Gender and Diversity Center (GDC) works with campus entities to facilitate an environment that is inclusive, responsive and supportive to the needs of underrepresented campus participants at New College.

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