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Residential Life

Living on campus at New College gives you the opportunity to be fully engaged in student life. New College students enjoy a strong sense of camaraderie and community unique to our campus. Our campus community is so important to our student success that New College is designated as an intentional residential college, and, as such, requires all students to live in the residence halls unless they have been granted exceptions or waivers.

Housing and Residential Life

New College’s Pei Campus is the center of residential life, with eight out of a total of nine residence halls located there. Along with the dorms, Hamilton "Ham" Center, Palm Court, the Fitness Center and other recreational facilities form a student village where academics and campus life seamlessly intertwine and "learning occurs around the clock."

Housing options:
Letter Dorms
Dort and Goldstein Residence Halls

Pei Residence Halls 

Living Learning Communities

Housing Fees
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Metz Culinary Management
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Student Conduct

Philosophy: The student conduct system strives to develop, interpret, and enforce university policies and regulations. Our purpose is to protect the legal rights of students while promoting civility, openness and justice. Read more.

Student Code of Conduct System
Student Code of Conduct

Residential Life & Food Service
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