Environmental Studies Affiliated Faculty

The Environmental Studies faculty are drawn from throughout the College. The faculty members listed below are actively involved in addressing issues of Environmental Studies in their courses.

ESSC (Environmental Studies Steering Committee)
Heidi Harley (Psychology)

Jono Miller - Campus Steward

Kim Anderson (Art)

Julie Morris (Assistant VP of Academic Affairs)

Diana Ward - ES Office Manager

Sean Binninger - Student Representative

Affiliated faculty (teaching ESP cross listed courses)
Frank Alcock (Political Science)

Anthony P. Andrews (Anthropology)

Gordon B. Bauer (Psychology)

Alfred Beulig, Jr. (Biology)

David K. Brain (Sociology)

Erin Dean (Anthropology)

Aron Edidin (Philosophy)

April N. Flakne (Philosophy)

Sandra L. Gilchrist (Biology)

Heidi Harley (Psychology)

Susan Marks (Religion)

Paul H. Scudder (Chemistry)

Environmental Studies
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