Alumnae/i Fellows

Established in 1990, the Alumnae/i Fellows Program provides New College alumnae/i the opportunity to supplement the academic and co-curricular experience of New College students by teaching an Independent Study Project (ISP), a semester-long or half semester-long (mod) course for credit, or leading a not-for-credit workshop or seminar.

In the spirit of the continued success of bringing alums to the New College campus to enhance the co-curricular experience of students, NCAA is now taking alumnae/i fellows applications for the 2016 January interterm and spring 2016 semester. Alums are required to submit a faculty recommendation form as part of the application process. The deadline for applications is Friday, Sept. 4, 2015. All alumnae/i fellows committee recommendations will be forwarded to the provost and appropriate divisions for final approval.

How do I apply?
The tenure of alumnae/i fellows spans either January interterm or the spring semester each academic year. Applicants may apply as often as they wish but will not be awarded an alumnae/i fellowship more than twice in three academic years.

Alum Fellows Application Guidelines
Faculty Recommendation Form

Proposals for the 2016 spring semester must be submitted by Friday, Sept. 4, 2015. All proposals will be reviewed by the Alumnae/i Fellows Committee, made up of two appointed alumnae/i, two faculty members appointed by the provost and one student. The committee then sends its recommendations to the appropriate division for its consideration.

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