We don't like to be walled in, but some places and spaces encourage brilliance.

The New College campus blends classic landmark buildings with modern facilities. Here’s a quick tour of the major buildings where you will gather to learn:

Academic Center and Koski Plaza

Our newest facility (fall 2011) incorporates sustainable features and includes 10 classrooms, 36 faculty offices and a state-of-the-art computer lab. In the center of the courtyard is the Four Winds Sculpture by renowned artist Bruce White. Located adjacent to the library, this 36,000-square-foot Academic Center and Koski Plaza is the new hub for learning and social interaction.

Jane Bancroft Cook Library

The library is no longer just a two-story repository of texts with tucked-away media alcoves and outdated equipment. It has become a place for conversation, meetings and other forms of social interaction. The hotspot of the library is the Academic Resource Center (ARC) with chic café-style seating and every modern technological amenity in the book. It houses the Writing Resource Center, Quantitative Resource Center, Language Resource Center, Educational Technology Services and an open-use computer lab. The ARC provides state-of-the-art technology and plenty of room for library patrons to study and collaborate. Around the corner is the Dr. Helen N. Fagin Holocaust Collection, a contemplative place for in-depth research about the Holocaust and Genocide. The library offers electronic linkage to libraries worldwide and a web-based system that delivers state-of-the-art information with the personal guidance of a small college, print and electronic-reserve materials and ready access to material throughout the State University System of Florida. The library is a shared resource with USF Sarasota-Manatee.

Pritzker Marine Biology Research Center

This facility boasts seven research labs and over 100 aquaria, anchored by a 15,000 gallon research and display tank. Each tank in the Living Ecosystem Teaching and Research Aquarium features a different captive ecosystem, several with a camera to send images to a streaming video server. Through a natural filtration system designed by students, the center draws and recycles water from Sarasota Bay. At Pritzker, students and faculty also design outreach programs to engage the local community in the world of science.

Heiser Natural Sciences Complex

The 34,000-square-foot complex includes teaching and research labs for chemistry, biology, computational science, mathematics and physics. There is a new state-of-the-art Optical Spectroscopy and Nano-Materials laboratory, a research greenhouse and herbarium. Special equipment includes a scanning electron microscope in biology, a 24-station chemistry teaching lab with transparent fume hoods and sampling equipment for field ecology. The Soo Bong Chae Auditorium is a tiered lecture hall for the natural sciences.

Caples Fine Arts Complex

Built around a central courtyard, this quadrangle of buildings is the heart of music, sculpture and the fine arts on campus. The 257- seat auditorium is used for music, theater and dance performances by students and visiting artists. The art and sculpture buildings include a printing making studio/arts lab with Mac computers and peripherals, plus woodworking and welding shops. Music students have access to the latest computer technology and software.

New College Public Archaeology Lab

Opened in the fall of 2010, the lab is the site for processing and interpreting artifacts, preparing archaeological site reports and storing excavated finds. It has more than 1,600 square feet of classroom, office, presentation and storage space for faculty and student research on local and regional history.

Hal C. Ball Anthropology Laboratory & Seminar Room
The Ball Anthropology Lab & Seminar Room houses a 2,000-volume library on Mesoamerican anthropology. It also contains a collection of anthropology texts and manuals, a series of hominid and primate skulls, a slide collection, an oral history archive, audio-visual and photographic equipment, and a computer workstation for student use. The Anthropology Lab is foremost a seminar room for most of the courses in Anthropology at New College. Beyond its active use as a classroom, the Lab is available as a resource room and study space for Anthropology students.

The Black Box Theater

The Black Box Theater is a flexible space that seats approximately 75 people and has its own control booth for sound and lighting. Movable stage platforms make it possible to adapt the space in a number of configurations, from seating in the round to conventional theater-style. True to its name, the windowless space offers the opportunity to present works in near-total darkness. Intended first and foremost as a creative space for students, the theater is used selectively for public events, including New Music New College. The theater lobby incorporates a new art gallery space in-the-round for displaying student work. Partial funding for the Black Box Theater has been provided by a grant from the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation.

In addition to these facilities, there are classrooms or seminar rooms in historic College Hall, Bon Seigneur Hall, the Environmental Studies Program’s Carriage House and at Hamilton Center. On the drawing board is a new Center for International and Area studies that will contain classrooms, resource libraries and meeting rooms. To explore the College’s long-range facility plans, read the Campus Master Plan.

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