Tuition & Fee Schedule

The New College of Florida Tuition and Fee Schedule Effective FY 2013-2014.
The tuition rates and fees are approved by the Board of Trustees annually.


Fee per Student Credit Hour (SCH)



Resident Tuition (Matriculation) $105.07 $105.07
Tuition Differential
 $40.13 $40.13
Non-Resident Fee  $609.23
Student Financial Aid Fee $5.25
Non-Resident Student Financial Aid Fee  $30.46
Capital Improvement Fee $6.14 $6.14
Activities and Service Fee $16.65 $16.65
Health Fee    
 $4.81 $4.81
Athletic Fee $6.41 $6.41
Technology Fee $5.25 $5.25
Sustainability "Green" Fee $1.00 $1.00

Fall Semester - 20 SCH (Including January ISP) $3,814.20 $16,608.00
Spring Semester - 16
 $3,051.36 $13,286.40
TOTAL ANNUAL TUITION $6,865.56 $29,894.40
Undergraduate Course more than twice 
(per credit)

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 for descriptions of the fees listed above.

Special Fees, Fines and Penalties

Application Fee (non-refundable)                     
Admissions Deposit Fee 
Late Registration Fee 
Late Payment Fee 
Late Contract Fee
Returned Check Fee
Overdue Library Book - per book/unit per day, to a maximum of $10.00, non-refundable - item declared lost after 40 days
Overdue Reserve Library Books - per item, per hour, to a maximum of $10.00, non-refundable
Overdue Recalled Book or Unit - per item, per day 
Lost/Damaged Book or Unit    
or the cost to replace the lost or reparably damaged material if greater than $100, plus a $5.00 non-refundable administration fee, and the amount of the overdue fine, if any.
Security/Access/Identification Card 
1. Initial                
2. All duplicates (free if original damaged and returned)
Overdue Laptop Computer (per hour) 
Lost or Damaged Laptop Computer 
   Repair/Replacement Cost not to exceed
$2,000 plus $20 Service Charge
Lost Key - (includes cylinder charge)  
Equipment Damage or Loss 
$50/hr labor and repair/replacement cost
Interlibrary Loans (overdue/lost materials)   
At 7 days overdue: non-refundable $10.00 overdue fine. At 30 days overdue: non-refundable replacement cost, as determined by lending library.
Transcript Fee 
Diploma Replacement Fee 
Failure to appear at a scheduled disciplinary meeting or to follow lawful instructions of College officials.
Student disciplinary fines may be assessed when a student fails to perform disciplinary measures directed by the Office of the Dean of Students.
Ranges from $5.00 to $100.00
Installment Payment Plan Fee
Library Guest Borrower Fee$75 (annual)
Thesis Electronic Copy$25 plus tax
Archives Duplication Fee$50 per page photocopied, with a minimum of $15
$5.00 per page scanned, with a minimum of $15
$15.00 per photograph, scanned or photocopied
$15 minimum charge for CD's /DVD's
$5 administrative processing fee
$4.00 mailing fee, if required (all fees plus tax)
Fitness Center FeeDaily $2.00 - Fall or Spring Semester: $50.00
Summer $30.00
Annual: $120.00
Late Course Request Fine

Material and Supply Fees Including Laboratory Fees
Organic Chemistry 
Biochemistry $135.00
Physical Chemistry $50.00
Field Ecology $12.00
Cell Biology    
Organismic Biology $150.00
Toxicology Lab $35.00
Advanced Physics Lab       
Drawing I $10.00
Painting I     
Painting II 
Sculpture Beginning
Sculpture Intermediate/Advanced
Mold Making and Casting $75.00
Woodworking $75.00
Welding $50.00
Printmaking $50.00
Time & Movement: Stop Motion Animation $50.00
Experimental Imaging $50.00
Kinetic Art    
Plant Physiology $50.00
All Other Labs
Entomology Lab $40.00
Genetics-Part 1 and 2 $50.00
Neurobiology/Behavior $130.00
Chemistry Inquiry Lab $65.00
Inorganic Lab $100.00
Analog Electronics Lab $80.00
Thesis/Tutorial ISP    
Invertebrate Zoology                            
Molecular Biology $110.00

Housing Rental Rates (per person)
Contracts are inclusive of fall and spring Term

Room Type

Fall & ISP



Palmer B  $3,244.67                  $2,586.66               $5,831.33
Palmer B Preferred 
 $3,474.90 $2,770.20 $6,245.10
Dort/Goldstein/New Halls
New Halls Single Studio
 $4,813.38 $3,837.24 $8,650.62
Pei Single*
 $5,067.92 $4.040.16 $9,108.08
Pei Double
 $3,396.25 $2,707.50 $6,103.75
Pei Triple (College Directed)*
 $2,569.71 $2,048.58 $4,618.29
Pei Triple (Student Request)*$2,764.19$2,203.62$4,967.81
Pei Residential Assistant RA         
 $787.93 $628.14  $1,416.07
Palmer B RA$787.93 $628.14$1,416.07
Dort/Goldstein/New Halls RA$787.93 $628.14$1,416.07

*This type of room is assigned on a space available basis only.

Housing Use Fees

Housing Deposit Fee
Student Initiated Room Change Charge
Improper Check-in and Check-out Fee
Failure to vacate room by designated check-out date$200 plus appropriate daily rate
Unauthorized pet in room$100 plus cleaning/fumigation fees 
Winter Break Housing Fee
Daily rate of current Fall/ISP room rates
Student Summer Housing Rates
Daily rate of current Spring room rates
Conference Housing Rate, plus applicable sales tax$25-$40/per person/per day 
Early Arrival Rate$150 per person/per day
Grant-Funded Housing RateRates will be determined on a grant by grant basis
Food Service Conference Rate, plus applicable sales tax   
Varies, based on menu selected and quantity 
Occupant Induced Fumigation$25.00 - $50.00 per treatment 
Lockout Fee$5.00 per lockout
Replacement Key$24.00 
Replace Lock Core$100 plus $24.00 per key issued
1. Pei/Palmer B (includes 2 replacement keys)$148.00
2. Dort/Goldstein/New Dorms (includes 4 replacement keys)$196.00
Paint Room
1. Whole Room, prorated otherwise
2. High ceiling in rooms or area over 9 feet
3. Extra treatment required
$640.00 per wall
Materials plus Labor
Slats for Blinds (each) $15.00
Damaged/Missing Furniture   
   Waste Baskets    
   Smoke Detectors    
   Light Fixtures    
   Toilet Tissue Dispensers    
   Robe Hooks    
   Closet Racks    
   Door Signs    
   Light Switch and Outlet Plates
(Repair/Replacement cost) 
$175.00  -  $1,000.00
Damaged Carpet
 $50.00/carpet sq (30" x 30")
or Repair/Replacement Cost
Items on Doors/Windows/Mirrors (per item removed)
Extra Cleaning    
$25/hr, Minimum $25.00
Trash Removal (per hour)
Carpet Cleaning    
Cost to Clean, Minimum $75
Broken/Cracked Window or Door Glass
Materials plus Labor 
Damaged Bathroom Fixtures
Materials plus Labor
Room Door Damage
Materials plus Labor
Graffiti/Art Removal-Cement/Brick Surfaces
Materials plus Labor
Furniture Removal    
1. Heavy    
2. Light
$25.00/hour with a $75.00 minimum
$25.00/hour with a $25.00 minimum

Meal Plan Rates

s are inclusive of fall and spring terms

Meal Plan




First Year and Pei          
       $1,470.63           $1,226.40           $2,697.03 
B Dorm
 $1,088.52 $892.64
Apartment Plan
 $472.35 $384.16
 $214.32 $212.80$427.12 

Fees include buying power in the dining hall, 7% sales tax and a 10% food Service auxiliary charge calculated on the buying power amounts. 

Parking Permit Rates



Staff-Semester $37.50
Monthly Permits
Value Lot-Annual$25.00
Value Lot-Semester$12.50

The appropriate parking permit fee will be waived for staff and students showing proof of a currently active NCF vehicle license tag issued by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

Replacement Cost for Lost or Stolen Staff and Student Permits



First Replacement$10.00 or full permit price, whichever is less
Second Replacement
$10.00 or full permit price, whichever is less
Third Replacement Full permit price

Parking Fines

Violation Description


Unauthorized parking in a Disabled space$275.00
Blocking access to a Disabled space/ramp$275.00
Unauthorized parking in a Reserved space-1st time$35.00
Unauthorized parking in a Reserved space, 2nd and subsequent offenses $75 plus immediate immobilization or tow
Unauthorized parking in a service drive or on a sidewalk$25.00
Unauthorized parking on grass$25.00
No current decal/permit displayed$25 with the first citation dismissed upon permit purchase
Unauthorized parking in State vehicle space$30.00
Parking out of assigned area during restricted hour$30.00
Blocking traffic$30.00
Parking in a "no parking zone"/barricaded area$30.00
Unauthorized removal and/or damage to clamp$125.00 plus replacement or repair cost to device and parking privileges restricted or revoked for one year
Displaying a revoked/altered/lost/stolen/counterfeit decal$125.00 plus immediate immobilization or tow and parking restricted or revoked for one year
Blocking a ramp$75.00
Doubled parked or parked over the line$15.00
Parking in an angled parking space facing traffic$15.00
Overtime violation$15.00
Improper parking permit display$15.00
Late Payment of Violation$10.00
All bicycle parking violations$15.00

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