travis lee action shot
Travis Lee

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

M.A., Economics, Cornell University
Ph.D., Mathematics, Syracuse University
M.S., Mathematics, Purdue University
B.A., New College of Florida

Networks, Crowds, and Markets
Calculus III
Linear Algebra

Competitive Balance in the National Football League after the 1993 Collective Bargaining Agreement, Journal of Sports Economics 11:1 (2010) 77-88.

Literacy Traps:Society-wide Education and Individual Skill Premia,International Journal of Economic Theory 6:1 (2010) 137-148 (with V. Atal, K. Basu, and J. Gray).

A new and easy-to-use measure of literacy,its axiomatic properties and an application, Social Choice and Welfare 32 (2009) 181-196 (with K. Basu).

Benchmarking the effective literacy rate, Mathematical Social Sciences 56:2 (2008) 233-239.

An extension of the Thom-Porteous formula to a certain class of coherent sheaves, JP Journal of Algebra, Number Theory and Applications 7:1 (2007) 131-151.

Excursions of a random walk related to the strong law of large numbers, Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics 28:2 (1998) 595-606 (with E. Fisher, M. Minzner).

The length of an excursion above a linear boundary by a random walk, Statistics and Probability Letters 34 (1997) 397-402 (with E. Fisher, M. Minzner).

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