Tracy M. Collins

Assistant Professor of Economics

Ph.D., Economics, North Carolina State University
M.E., Economics, North Carolina State University
M.I.S, International Studies, North Carolina State University
B.S., International Business, The University of Paderborn, Germany


Professor Collins's research focus is primarily in the field of Economic Growth and Development. She has researched the role that technology diffusion plays in a country’s pattern of growth and the effect that trade liberalization has on technology diffusion. She has investigated the transition of the Russian Federation from a centralized to a market economy, and she is currently analyzing the determinants of sustainable and equitable economic growth and development.

Professor Collins has worked internationally for two Fortune 500 companies. She worked in the Purchasing, Logistics, and Accounting Departments of Siemens AG in Germany and Spain. She was hired by HP in Barcelona, Spain, and she worked for a division of HP that eventually split off from the company and was subsequently renamed Agilent Technologies. After her short stint at Agilent Technologies, she worked in the Marketing Department of Pirelli Tyres SpA in Spain and Italy, eventually becoming one of the youngest junior managers at the company. Professor Collins has travelled to over 40 countries in North, Central, and South America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and she speaks fluent German and Spanish.

Recent Courses
International Business
Intermediate Micro
Health Economics
Behavioral Economics
Development Economics
Economic Growth and Development in Asia
International Economics
International Trade

Current Research and Working Papers
Collins, Tracy M. 2015. “Imitation: A Catalyst for Innovation and Endogenous Growth.” Economic Modelling 51: 299-307.

“Trade Policy and Technology Diffusion: Evidence from Mexico,” working paper.

“Innovation and Imitation: Complements or Substitutes?” working paper

“Pursuing Efficiency: A DEA Analysis of Microfinance Institutions in Latin America,” working paper.


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