Frequently Asked Questions

Who may enroll?
• New College students who have completed at least two semesters of full-time college coursework prior to the beginning of the summer pilot program.
• Students with at least a high school diploma and sophomore or above undergraduate status who are in good academic standing at their current or most recent institution.
• Residents from the local community who have completed at least two semesters of college, are in good academic standing with their current or former academic institution, and who are interested in attending classes at New College with or without credit. Please note that full tuition must be paid even for classes without credit.
• Students who have submitted an application for admission or who have been accepted to New College for the Fall 2013 term are not eligible to enroll in the summer pilot program.

What types of courses will be offered?
Both 6-week and 4-week sessions will be offered featuring undergraduate courses equal to one full-term unit (4 semester hour equivalents) or one half-term unit (2 semester hour equivalents) on a variety of topics.

When will the sessions begin and end? Both the 6-week and 4-week sessions begin on June 10. The 6-week session will end on July 19 and the 4-week session will end on July 5. Both sessions will celebrate the Independence Day holiday on July 4, when no classes will be held.

How much will courses cost?
Tuition and fees for the summer program are based on New College of Florida’s per credit hour rates for the 2012-2013 academic year and are as follows:
• Florida residents: $188.42 per credit hour ($376.84 for 2-credit hour classes; $753.68  for 4-credit hour classes)
• Non-Florida residents: $828.11 per credit hour ($1,656.22 for 2-credit hour classes; $3,312.44 for 4-credit hour classes).
All payments for tuition and fees are due by no later than June 14, 2013.

How do I register for New College’s Summer Classes Pilot Program?
Registration for both New College and non-NCF students begins on April 15, 2013, and runs through June 7. Classes for both sessions begin on June 10.

New College of Florida reserves the right to cancel any course for any reason at our sole discretion, including but not limited to under-enrollment. New College of Florida will notify students of course cancellations no later than 48 hours prior to the start of class. Students will be fully refunded for courses canceled by New College of Florida.

How will coursework be evaluated?
New College students will receive an “S” for Satisfactory or “U” for Unsatisfactory. Narrative evaluations for pilot program courses taken by New College students will be optional, at the faculty member’s discretion. Incomplete designations will not be permissible.

Students who are not seeking degrees at New College will receive letter grades or can choose to attend classes without receiving a grade. However, full tuition must be paid for attendance even when receiving no grade.

In how many courses may a New College student enroll?
New College students may enroll in only one course, no matter if the course is a full-term or half-term unit.

May non-degree-seeking students enroll in more than one course?

How will the Summer Pilot Program courses count toward a New College student’s graduation requirements?
New College students will receive credit toward the 31-unit graduation requirement. Pilot program courses will not count toward New College contract or ISP graduation requirements.

Can students attending other institutions receive transfer credit(s) for courses?
Yes. However, students are encouraged to check with their home institution to make sure that the course(s) taken at New College will count toward their degree.

What type of aid will be available to students?
For New College students: No aid other than Pell is available. If you currently receive a Pell Grant and have not used your full allotment for the 2012-2013 academic year, you may be eligible for a limited amount of Pell funding for the summer session. Please contact the Financial Aid office at 941-487-5000 or with any questions.

For other students: Please check with your home institution for financial aid opportunities. No financial aid is available to non NCF students through New College. If you will be receiving aid through your home institution, please forward the consortium agreement to the New College Financial Aid office.

Will housing and food service be available?
There will be limited housing available for New College and non-NCF students during the summer pilot program. No food service will be available. Click here to learn more.

I've already submitted my application but I need to submit my residency and immunization documents. Where can I find these forms?
Visiting students should download the following forms required for registration. Transient students and New College students do not need to submit this documentation. Transient students should submit a Transient Student Form from their institution that will include information regarding residency and immunizations.
Residency Form
Immunization Form

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