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Meet Our Student Admissions Representatives

Questions about what student life is really like? Our Student Admissions Representatives are happy to help!

Destinee Aponte

Destinee Aponte

Hometown: Born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, currently residing in Miami

High School: Miami Lakes Educational Center

Year at New College: 3rd year

Area of Interest: Biopsychology

Bio: Wildlife has always fascinated me- especially marine life. After living in Miami for a few years, the exposure to the beaches made my love for marine life even greater! Animal Behavior/Cognition with a focus on marine mammals is something I see myself doing the future. Aside from that, I absolutely love music, dancing, Ted Talks, and Tarantino films.  Let's talk about things!

Why I Chose New College: NCF was the only school I considered attending in the state of Florida, and I never regret that. NCF caters to my needs to have academic independence, and I have been given opportunities that I know wouldn't have been offered to me in other schools.

Favorite Things about New College: The small student body is something I always appreciate. You become familiar with pretty much every face of New College and there is a sense of community that goes with that and it feels great! 

Hannah Carlo

Hannah Carlo

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

High School: Palm Beach Gardens High School (go gators!)

Year at New College: 2nd year

Areas of Interest: Biology/Mathematics

Bio: Hi, I'm Hannah! I decided really early on in my life that I wanted to dedicate the rest of it to pursuing a career in medicine. Specifically, I’ve always harbored the goal of one day becoming a medical oncologist and discovering a cure for cancer. I suppose I'm a little ambitious, but I've been able to harness that ambition and drive and use it to fuel all of my endeavors, to always be the best version of myself. In that way I'm pretty passionate as well.  So when I'm not obsessing about anatomy and physiology, and pathophysiology (which is, to be fair, most of the time), I love to draw, run, kayak, swim, watch and read countless hours of Harry Potter, meet new people, and listen to every First Aid Kit song on loop.

What first attracted me to New College: What first attracted me to New College was the small class sizes and student body as well as the unique contract system. I felt that New College was really a place of personalized and individualized education and I was really drawn towards that. But what really “sealed the deal,” was the tour. Walking around the beautiful campus, learning about campus life and various events and interesting stories, I fell in love. I remember that I got home that day and immediately sent in my tuition deposit. I knew that New College was the place for me. I made New College my home and I think that it’s one of the best decisions that I've ever made.

Favorite Things about New College: The vibrant, eccentric and close knit community is definitely my favorite aspect of New College. I've made lifelong friends here, which I truly treasure. Also, I haven't had a bad professor yet, all of them have been extremely helpful and approachable, something that I don't think happens as frequently at other schools. At New College you're not a number in a sea of thousands, you're a person, a face with a name, which allows for lasting relationships to be made, with peers, friends, faculty, and teachers.

Anne Emig

Anne Emig

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

High School: City High School

Year at New College: 3rd year

Area of Interest: Chemistry

Bio: I grew up in Michigan, and spent many summers swimming in the Great Lakes and many winters hiding from the snow and cold. I love discussing feminism, gender disparities in science, fluorescence, and anything related to chemistry. If I'm not in the lab or library, I'm probably riding my bike, running long distances, or enjoying a beautiful Sarasota sunset! I feel most at home when I'm hiking in the mountains or lounging outside. After graduating New College, I plan on spending a few months exploring the Pacific Northwest and then go to graduate school to study physical organic chemistry.

Why I Chose New College: I liked the idea of getting to know my professors well, being responsible for my own learning, and living in a warm place. I had no idea what I wanted to study in high school, and New College offered a lot of flexibility.

Favorite Things about New College: The hammocks in banyans! Also, the narrative evaluation system, my professors, the research opportunities, and the feeling that you're well-prepared for graduate school.

Tricia Johnson

Tricia Johnson

Hometown: Cocoa, Florida

High School: Cocoa Beach High School

Year at New College: 3rd year

Areas of Interest: Literature/Anthropology

Bio: I love reading and walking through the woods. Before coming to New College, I studied classical voice for many years. As a student, I am trying to learn as much about anything I can. Hopefully I will leave New College and work with authors as an editor.

Why I Chose New College: I chose New College for its incredible community. I feel like I can walk up to anyone and have a genuine conversation.

Favorite Things about New College: My favorite things about New College are the darkroom, the Sail Club, picnics on Z Green, bay sunsets, and the back corner of the library.

Brennan Kent

Brennan Kent

Hometown: I was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania but grew up near Fort Lauderdale, Florida

High School: St. Thomas Aquinas High School

Year at New College: 3rd year

Areas of Interest: Economics and Public Policy

Bio: I am a third year pursuing Economics and Public Policy. My goal is to one day continue into International Mediation. I am a voracious reader. I love music and dancing. As a self described "tea connoisseur", I particularly enjoy throwing tea parties with home baked cakes, cookies, and scones. From my Irish heritage I also have the gift of gab: I love to talk and converse with new people and friends alike! I am a life long Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Lord of the Rings enthusiast. The daughter of a Commercial Airline Pilot, I love traveling and visiting new places. I am an animal lover; when I'm at school, I miss my dog and rabbit at home. I am honored to have the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for New College!

Why I Chose New College: I chose New College because I fell in love with the possibility of reaching an academic potential that no other college or university could give me. I loved the progressive academic atmosphere that fosters both close working relationships with professors as well as the ability to compete in graduate programs.

Favorite Things about New College: I love being surrounded by students who are never afraid to be individuals; and I appreciate the community feeling of New College. New College definitely is the best fit for me.

Neal Lacey

Neal Lacey

Hometown: Gulf Breeze, Florida (Pensacola)

High School: Gulf Breeze High School

Year at New College: 3rd year

Areas of Interest: Biology and Chemistry (Pre-Med)

Bio: I am a global citizen and plan to be for the rest of my life. Between traveling the world playing The Beautiful Game (soccer) and moving from navy base to navy base for my parents’ work, it is safe to say that I am a very fortunate individual. I enjoy serving the underprivileged. I plan to attend medical school and potentially work to improve overall public health in underserved communities. I have three brilliant brothers, so growing up was fun. In my free time I enjoy obsessing over a random activity. My current pursuit is golf. Also, I have an evil cat Callie aka Satan. I also enjoying listening to my favorite band Coheed & Cambria.

Why I Chose New College: I chose New College because education is the focus and it is a research intensive institution. I learn by doing, solving problems. The ISP (Independent Study Project) and thesis projects encourage academic thinking and give students the chance to contribute in their field of study. Also, before NCF I could see myself at a small school. I couldn’t convince myself that I would learn well in a massive lecture hall.

Favorite Things about New College: My favorite aspect of New College is the academic freedom: the unlimited opportunity. As a novo collegian, you define New College.

Olivia Levinson

Olivia Levinson

Hometown: Garrison, NY

High School: James I O'Neill High School

Year at New College: 4th year

Areas of Interest: Philosophy and Psychology

Bio: Growing up in the Hudson Valley region of New York, I have always had an intense love of hiking and mountains. I'm also interested in various forms of photography, oil painting, crew (rowing), acting, feminism, Jewish everything, and cooking. Upon graduation from New College, I am hoping to travel the world a bit, spending a significant amount of time in Israel. After that, I plan on attending Law School with a focus on Ethics.

Why I Chose New College: I chose New College because it eliminated much of the competition over grades that plagued me during high school. Narrative evaluations along with small class sizes and a focus on student responsibility some of the main factors that made me interested in NCF. The warm weather and gorgeous location on the Sarasota Bay didn't hurt either!

Favorite Things about New College: The ability to explore many different areas of study, the connections students make with their Professors, The Four Winds Cafe, the traditions and annual events.

essica Loeb

Jessica Loeb

Hometown: Hollywood, Florida

High School: McFatter Technical Center

Year at New College: 4th Year

Area of Interest: English Literature

Bio: Hi! I'm Jessica. I'm a 4th year student studying English Literature. I love to travel, cook, be outside, do yoga, read books, and talk about ideas. After New College I would like to see as much of the world as possible and then go on to higher education, eventually becoming a social worker in the realm of education or the prison industrial complex.

Why I Chose New College: New College is a place where the self-edifying aspects of knowledge are a common social goal, I was looking to be intellectually, socially, and personally challenged and I got that here. I was very drawn to the small class sizes and that the student body seemed to be "weird" in the way I was. Plus the price was right and the campus is beautiful!

Favorite Things About New College: Mainly, I am rewarded for hard work here. The structure of small classes, creative individualized curricula like ISP's and tutorials, and close professor-student relationships empower me to always think harder and outside the box. Additionally, I love the people at New College. I absolutely love being a part of a small community where I can relate to and be inspired by so many individuals. New College has re-contextualized my idea of success from helping not only myself but also helping a community. I am eternally grateful for that.

Nicki Myers

Nicki Myers

Hometown: Gainesville, FL

High School: Oak Hall Upper School

Year at New College: 3rd year

Areas of Interest: General Natural Sciences

Bio: Hey Ya’ll! My name is Nicki and I love science, horseback riding, scuba diving, and being a camp counselor. I have an amazing cat named Toby and a sweet dog named Bonnie. Eventually, I want to be a pediatric occupational therapist that helps children with disabilities through horseback riding. So, if anyone has questions about health sciences please feel free to ask!

Why I Chose New College: I fell in love with New College at first sight. The campus was beautiful, the people seemed awesome, and the small size was very appealing. In addition, I am not a very good test taker. I knew that New College’s narrative evaluation system would allow my potential to shine

Favorite Things about New College: The culture at New College is so fun and unique. People feel as though they can truly be themselves. Some people wear shoes, some don’t - some of my professors don’t even wear shoes! Also, I have been able to have a personal relationship with all of my professors. Professors who I had for one semester my first year will flag me down on the sidewalk just to see how I am doing. In short, this college is such a great place because they want to see you succeed. There are numerous, easy access resources that will help you no matter what you are studying. College is hard, but New College makes an effort to make it a little easier. This is a community that really cares about you and helps you graduate at the top of your potential.

Abigail Oakes

Abigail Oakes

Hometown: Odessa, FL

High School: JW Mitchell High School

Year at New College: 4th year

Areas of Interest: Natural Science and Informal Science Education

Bio: I am a fourth year student studying the natural sciences. In my time at New College I have ended up specializing in informal science education, and I plan to go on to grad school to do just that! At NCF I have been super involved. I was a resident advisor for two years, I am a student writing assistant in the library, a member of the sailing team, and an officer/member of multiple community service clubs on campus. I absolutely love NCF and I can't wait to talk to you!

Why I Chose New College: I chose New College because I had a limited budget, but really wanted the smaller class sizes typical of private universities. New College offered a definite "bang for my buck", and the academic program was a great fit for me!

Favorite Things about New College: My favorite thing about New College is how easy it is to get involved and become a leader. The school has so many opportunities, and they really make it accessible for students to get involved. I wouldn't have been able to do half of the things I do at NCF at another school. Another favorite is, of course, the Bay. We are so lucky to call such a beautiful waterfront location our home!

Hilary Ramirez

Hilary Ramirez

Hometown: Orlando, FL

High School: Timber Creek High School

Year at New College: 4th year

Area of Interest: International/Area Studies

Bio: I come from a large, non-traditional family, the middle of five children, and I have loved it. Generally I am a very cheerful and happy person, and have a wide variety of interests. I love scuba diving, art, dancing, working towards social justice and equality, traveling and having adventures. I love to learn and experience new things. While I would love to be a sculptor, marine biologist, and infectious disease specialist all at once, I have found that working towards bettering the lives of people is what I want to dedicate my future to. I have a love of the Russian language and culture and plan on doing some sort of social work over there.

Why I Chose New College: I decided to attend New College because of its academic drive and opportunity. I love how motivated students are to explore the world and areas of academia they are most passionate about. I also want to attend graduate school, and knew that New College would be an institution that would prepare me for that and challenge me to become the best version of myself.

Favorite Things about New College: Aside from the rich academics and the personalized attention you get from your professors, I love the cultural atmosphere of New College. While it is a small school, there is a lot of diversity of thought among the student body. I have learned so much from my peers outside of the classroom, and have been able to get involved in initiatives on campus very easily, such as the social justice club and dance tutorial.

Logan Schulman

Logan Schulman

Hometown: Winter Springs, FL

High School: Seminole High School

Year at New College: 2nd year

Areas of Interest: Theater/Religion

Bio: I was born in Philadelphia, but grew up in Central Florida for the great majority of my childhood. Due to my nearness to the world of theme parks, I grew up loving the idea of entertainment for entertainment's sake, and through that love I found my passion in the dramatic arts. Since high school I have been lucky enough to travel to New York, Boston, Miami, and London all in the pursuit of a career in theatre. Here at New College I focus primarily on experimental and socially conscious theatre, with specialization in ritual theory shared between dramatic art and faith. I am heavily involved in our theater company on campus, and in the technical aspects of live performance art on campus. Also, my heart belongs to Star Wars; long live Star Wars.

Why I Chose New College: I decided on New College in the eighth grade when my older sister toured the school. I fell in love with the brilliant and beautiful atmosphere that has been cultivated here. When it came time for me to start looking at colleges in my junior year of high school, the only question that remained for me was: Can I pursue my theater and my academic goals at New College? And as it turned out, I am more than able to! Very few (if any) BFA programs allow for the kind of academic freedom that the liberal arts curriculum at New College allows; here I can learn for the sheer sake of pursuit of knowledge whilst studying rigorous theater theory!

Favorite Things about New College: What I love at New is the freedom given to students in both the academic and social capacities. We live and we learn here as independent adults, with primarily our integrity and notion of responsibility as our greatest guides. Here we learn to exist as productive, thoughtful people who can go out into the world and shake it up for the better. Every person here is totally committed to their own learning and the expansion of their own mind — and every person wants to share their knowledge with everyone else. We love thought-provoking dialogue here, and that is just the greatest darn thing.

Kaylie Stokes

Kaylie Stokes

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ / West Palm Beach, FL

High School: G-Star School of the Arts

Year at New College: 3rd year

Areas of Interest: Social Sciences (History, Anthropology, Political Science)

Bio: I grew up in Phoenix Arizona before moving to West Palm Beach a few years ago where I attended a high school for film. I love filmmaking and work as a videographer for the Communications and Marketing Department. I am a third year Social Sciences AOC who likes to keep busy around campus. During the school year I am a Resident Advisor in one of the first year halls and the managing editor of the school paper. I love to travel and am constantly planning my next trip.

Why I Chose New College: I chose New College because of its academic philosophy and belief in student independence.

Favorite Things about New College: The fact that the academic freedom and independence built into its structure has allowed me to accomplish and do things that I've always wanted. Also the people. I've met the most wonderful people here.

James Wells

James Wells

Hometown: Fort Myers, FL

High School: Riverdale High School

Year at New College: 2nd year

Area of Interest: International & Area Studies

Bio: I was born in Naples, then my family moved to Tallahassee, then back down to Fort Myers. In high school I went through the International Baccalaureate Program and played Quidditch and some football. Now I am at New College of Florida and study Spanish, Chinese, and international politics. I participate in the NCSA (New College Student Alliance) as a Justice in the Student court. I am involved with Chinese club, and play football on the best college football team in Florida.

Why I Chose New College: When I was looking for a college to attend, I wanted an honors college, preferably small, inexpensive, and fairly close to home. New college offered everything on my list and more.

Favorite Things about New College: The small atmosphere of the college allows me to not only know all of my peers, but all of my professors as well. The welcoming atmosphere also makes it extremely easy to be outgoing and get involved with extracurricular activities on campus.


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