Why Study Spanish at New College?

The Spanish program at New College will impress you both with its flexibility and with the level of individualized attention you receive from our expert faculty. Both are key reasons that graduates in Spanish at New College go on to attend some of the nation's top master's level and Ph.D. programs and to pursue successful careers in a wide variety of fields.

Within the Spanish program, we offer two separate tracks so that you can choose the avenue that best matches your personal interests and goals. Students with a strong interest in literary studies will want to pursue our Spanish Language and Literature track, while those who prefer a more cross-disciplinary approach will want to choose our Spanish Language and Culture track. Both feature similar language and culture/literature courses at the core. The real difference is in possibility to work with your Spanish faculty to design tutorials, independent projects and study abroad that respond to your intellectual interests. Of course, some students prefer simply to include Spanish as a key component in their overall plan of study, which is yet another option.

But what graduates tell us really separates our Spanish program from other colleges is the quality of our faculty. Not only are they experts in their fields, but they are also highly experienced teachers. They really get to know their students and to understand them as individuals both inside and outside the classroom. This highly personalized approach means that our faculty can assist you with questions about graduate school and career options, as well as identify study abroad and research opportunities that might be of interest to you. They are also able to write the sort of detailed letters of recommendation that graduate school programs and employers seek when evaluating applicants.






[Did you know?]

Many New College graduates apply and are accepted into English language teaching programs run by the ministries of Spain, France and Japan. In fact, 25 graduating seniors since 2000 have taught and traveled abroad under these prestigious government grants.

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