Senior Thesis Projects

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some theses projects sponsored by the Spanish faculty:

“Hate in the Time of Cholera: How the 2010 Cholera Outbreak in Haiti Threatened La Raza Dominicana” by Liza Pence Wisman

“A Translation of Juan Carlos Onetti's La Muerte y La Niña” by Antonella Pagani

“Public Lies and Private Truths: Images of Dictatorial Power in La Fiesta del Chivo  by Mario Vargas Llosa and El Otoño del Patriarca by Gabriel García Márquez” by Sarah Thompson

"Maintaining Inequality: A Comparative Study of Educational Stratification in Argentina and the United States" by Maia De la Calle

“El Canto: La Voz del Pueblo Como el Arma de la Reivindicación en el Misticismo Telúrico de Canto General by Palo Neruda” by Sylvia Beato

“El Desarrollo de la Novela, Indigenista Ecuatoriana, 1879-1979: De Anticipación a Posmodernidad” by Emily Ewing

“Las imágenes del dictador en la Novela Latinoamericana: El recurso del método de Alejo Carpentier y El Otoño del Patriarca de Gabriel García Márquez” by Julia McReynolds

"No Room in Our Imaginations? Small Towns, Social Crises and Spaces of Possibility in Short Stories by Arguedas and Garcia Marquez" by Erin Blasco

"La Perspectiva de Otra Ribdera: The Grotesque Aethetic in Francisco de Goyas Los Capricnos and Ramon Maria de Valle-Incians Esperpento" by Zoe Mirziai

"Turn of the Century Dialogues: An Exercise in Cross-Cultural Play Production" by Arianna Bailey

"Music in Literature: A Study of Three Pieces by Latin American Authors" by Maymi Hayakawa

"Revolution in Space and Time: The Work of Four Nicaraguan Women Poets, 1969-1989" by Alba Aragón

"A New Actitud: La Lengua y la Identidad Latina en la Cultura Estadounidense Desde los Anos Ochenta" by Sara Turk

[Did you know?]

Many New College graduates apply and are accepted into English language teaching programs run by the ministries of Spain, France and Japan. In fact, 25 graduating seniors since 2000 have taught and traveled abroad under these prestigious government grants.

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