Our Graduates in Spanish

New College is proud of our many graduates in Spanish. Here's a sampling of what some of them are up to today:

Michelle Brown, who earned her Ph.D. in 2012 from Stanford in curriculum and teacher education, is assistant professor of English and English education coordinator at Southeastern Louisiana University.

Nicholas Eversole is assistant vice chancellor in the Human Health Sciences department at University of California, Davis.

Heather Normandale is a musician and manager of Vak Choir. She has worked extensively with youth, teaching, event planning, music writing, performing, arranging and creating sustainable music touring with bicycles, creating bike-powered energy for music and art events, and organizing cross cultural artistic collaborations.

Eric Walzer is finance director in charge of matching gifts for Avaya, Inc.

Alba Aragón received her M.A. in Romance languages and literature from Harvard.

Arianna Bailey is a Spanish teacher at the K-12 level.

Erin Blasco received her M.A. from George Washington University and is an education specialist at the National Museum of American History.

Liza Wisman is currently pursuing a degree in nursing so that she can use her Spanish language skills as a bilingual midwife.

Alice Abernathy graduated in biochemistry from New College but used the Spanish language skills she developed at the College to earn a Fulbright Scholarship to Spain. She is currently enrolled in medical school at the University of Florida.

• Megan Robinson received a master's degree in library and information studies from Florida State University. She is currently a librarian in charge of youth services for the Manatee County Public Library System and acts as a liaison between the library staff and the Manatee County.

• Juliana Nalerio is currently finishing her master's degree with a thesis on Junot Díaz at a public university in Castile-Leon, Spain, and eventually plans to pursue a Ph.D. literature.

Sample of Graduate Schools Attended by NCF Students in Spanish

• Boston University
• New York University
• Pacifica Graduate Institute
• Stanford University
• SUNY Buffalo
• University of Florida
• University of Navarra (Barcelona)
• University of South Florida
• University of Texas, Austin
• University of Wisconsin

[Did you know?]

Many New College graduates apply and are accepted into English language teaching programs run by the ministries of Spain, France and Japan. In fact, 25 graduating seniors since 2000 have taught and traveled abroad under these prestigious government grants.

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