Senior Thesis Projects in Sociology

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Sociology: 

"This is the Value of Our Labor: The Nonmajority Union Approach in U.S. Manufacturing” by Essie Ablavsky

“Marketing Masculinity: A Content Analysis of Gender Role Presentations in Super Bowl Commercials at the Turn of the 21st Century” by Allison Whitcomb

“Maintaining Inequality: A Comparative Study of Educational Stratification in Argentina and The United States” by Maia G. de la Calle

“All the News That's Fit to Print?: A Comparison of News Narratives of the 2009 Horduran Coup” by Sarah P. Iacobucci

“Stirring Up The Hive: NGO Discourse and Indigenous Subalternity - The Case of Las Abejas Chiapas, Mexico” by Lucia Isabel Stavig

“Does Participation in Extracurricular Activities Increase Test Scores?” by Mary Elizabeth Swartz

“First Do No Harm': Intersexuality and the Rise of the Medical Profession” by Kim Heinz

“The Shifting Margins of Whiteness and Otherness: Hispanic American Women and the Social Construction of Race” by Sasha Wortzel

“The American Myth: Survival and Coping Strategies of Low-Income Workers in Sarasota” by Alena A. Tupper

“Curing the Cannibals: Lu Xun's Literary Works as Sociopolitical Action” by Intan Fitriana Suwandi

“An Analysis and Exploration of the Criminal Justice System in Sarasota County, Florida and Criminal Defendant Non-Compliance” by Julia M. Davis

“Coalition Building in the Global Justice Movement: The Case of Miami 2003” by Kate Chanton

“Barriers and Enablers to Program Impact: Hispanic Participants' Reactions to a Nutrition Education Pilot Project” by Kelly M. Jones

“Dual Loyalities: Exploring the Roles of Identity, Acculturation and Discrimination in Mexican-American Patriotism” by Natalie R. Lloyd

“A Critical View of the Administration of Florida's Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled” by David G. Savarese

“No Se Puede Encarcelar la Inconformidad del Pueblo You Can't Imprison the People's Discontent: A Look at the History of U.S. Farm Labor Organizing and A Case Study of a Current Local Movement” by Julia Armsden Daniel

“Cuban Women: The Influence of Socialist Ideology on Gender Identity” by Shelley Bull

“Constructing Domestic Violence within the Battered Women's Shelter: Workers' Role.” by Cathryn Cayce Hughes

“Risqué Business: Emotional Labor and Stigma Management among Erotic Dancers” by Elizabeth Friend

“Publications, Education and Places of Exhibition: The Women Artists' Movement as a Challenge to Modernism” by Nicole Cordier-McLaughlin

“Hairitage: An Investigation of Hair Practices Among Women of Color” by Arika Beachy

“Equal Playing Fields: A Comparative Study of School Funding and Educational Resources in Seven Florida High Schools” by Keith Bentele

“Economic Justice from the Grassroots: Coalition Building of a Living Wage Campaign” by Joanna Dubinsky

“The Relationship Between Social Support and Psychological Well-Being for Recent Female Hispanic Immigrants in the United States” by Meghan Conley


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