Social Sciences Curriculum

Students pursuing a Social Sciences AOC at New College are required to take at least one introductory and two or more advanced courses and/or tutorials in at least three different social science disciplines. This amounts to a minimum of nine courses or tutorials within the field. Students are also required to complete a senior thesis that uses social scientific research methods, and they are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the various methodologies employed by social scientists. 

In addition to general coursework, Independent Study Projects (ISPs), group research projects and off-campus research, as well as study abroad, provide important opportunities to gain direct experience of social sciences issues and concepts. Students are also encouraged to do field research, particularly in the local community.

Recent course offerings in Social Sciences:

Due to the flexible and interdisciplinary nature of our Social Sciences AOC, it is difficult to list "typical" courses that students pursue. Instead, you will work with your faculty advisor to design a plan of study and coursework that matches your particular interests and goals.  

Sample courses available within each of the disciplines of the social sciences at New College can be found on the disciplinary AOC pages (e.g., Anthropology).

For detailed requirements, check out our General Catalog.







Many of our students go on to graduate school at some of the most elite schools in the nation. In fact, 90 percent of New College graduates are accepted into master's and Ph.D. programs.

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