Our Graduates in Russian Language & Literature

Although a major in Political Science and Economics, Danielle Korngold (above) used her experience taking Russian Language and Literature classes and working as a Russian language TA at New College to earn a Fulbright Scholarship in 2011 to teach English in Russia after graduation. Korngold used an eclectic mix of American music, TV and film to teach students vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening skills and to familiarize them with regional differences in American culture, government and history. Korngold’s interest in Russian was first sparked because her great-grandparents emigrated from Russia in the 1910s.

New College is proud of our many students who have studied Russian Language and Literature. Here's a sampling of what some of them are up to today:

 • Aimee Anderson is a lawyer practicing in the areas of tort litigation and civil rights. She is on the faculty at Loyola University Chicago School of Law and works as a freelance manuscript editor for the academic presses in the areas of law, history and the humanities.

Rebecca Schaaf is vice president of energy programs at Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future. She was also a program officer at CHF International and spent two years in the Peace Corps teaching math and computers in Ghana.

Michael Getz studied Russian in St. Petersburg, Russia, as a part of the ACLI exchange program, through SUNY Stony Brook. Michael is interested in international relations, political science, and Russian culture, as well as the role of NGOs in developing nations. A 2013 graduate in International and Area Studies/Russian, Michael is currently teaching English in Moscow as part of the TEFL program.

Samantha Hannah served as the co-vice president for advertising and community outreach for New College's Hillel as a student and wrote her senior thesis on authority and authorship in Vladimir Nabokov’s Despair and Invitation to a Beheading. A 2013 graduate, she plans to study film in graduate school.

Morgan Shafter studied Russian language and literature extensively at New College and worked as a TA for Beginning Russian as well as conversation partner for Third Year Russian students. A 2013 graduate, he wrote a senior thesis “Gogol’s Shinel in English: A Commentary and Translation” and presented his original research at New Scholars New College. Morgan is currently an adjunct instructor of college preparatory writing at State College of Florida.

• Rosalia Maier-Katkin, an International Studies AOC and a 2013 graduate, completed three years of Russian at New College. Her knowledge of Russian, German and Czech, and an interest in Slavic cultures helped her win a Fulbright Fellowship to the Czech Republic for 2013-2014.

Sample of Graduate Schools Attended by NCF Students in Russian Language & Literature

• Columbia University
• DePaul University
• Indiana University
• Johns Hopkins University
• Loyola University of Chicago
• Monterey Institute of Foreign Affairs
• Moscow State University, USSR
• Norwich University
• Ohio State University
• Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts
• Rutgers University
• Syracuse University
• University of California, Los Angeles
• University of Illinois
• University of Kansas
• University of Michigan
• University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

[Did you know?]

Six students received Fulbright awards for study and research in Germany, Taiwan, the Czech Republic and Sweden in 2013, and four were awarded in 2012. A record eight students received Fulbrights in the previous year for Namibia, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, Germany, Mexico and Malaysia.

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