Faculty Governance

Faculty meetings are the legislative assembly of the New College faculty. The officers of the faculty are the President, the Provost, the Chairperson of the Faculty, and the Secretary of the Faculty. The Chairperson of the Faculty is the designated Faculty Trustee, a voting member of the New College of Florida Board of Trustees. Five students are invited to faculty meetings with voting privileges. These are the President of the New College Student Alliance, one of the Division Representatives from each Division, and one additional student to be selected by student procedures.

The concerns of the legislative assembly of the New College Faculty over academic matters include but are not limited to: curriculum policy and structure; degree requirements; requirements granting of degrees; policies concerning student recruitment, admission and retention; faculty rights and obligations; the development, curtailment, discontinuance and reorganization of academic programs; appointment, retention, promotion, and tenure of faculty; academic governance and the procedures therefore; student evaluation policies; and other traditional matters of academic concern.

The New College Faculty regularly holds formal meetings on the second Wednesday of each month during the academic year.

Faculty Meeting Minutes
Faculty Officers
Faculty Handbook
Collective Bargaining Agreement   





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