Meet our RAs!

Adriana Diaz
How long have you been an RA? This is my first year as an RA.
Favorite Vacation Spot: Shanghai, China (went there for 3.5 weeks this summer to visit my friend and her beautiful family and I fell in love with this place!)
Student Involvement: I’m facilitating both Jesus Club and Catholic Solidarity Club this year. I’m interested in working together with others to create safe spaces to learn and promote social justice that is inclusive. I would like to have time to start volunteering around Sarasota.

Amanda Bragg
Fun fact about me: I spend most of my free time binge-watching television
AOC/Year in School: Literature/Political Science, Fourth year
Favorite Singer/Band: The Beatles and Bastille
Favorite Candy: Sour Patch Kids

Jules DiPronio

Fun fact about me: I really enjoy reading 1-star reviews on Amazon... especially of things I love. My favorite magazines as a child were Bird Talk and Parenting.
Favorite Past Time/Hobby: Cooking, music, and making crafts (especially tiny crafts)
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Dream Job: Psychologist/Therapist

Batya Levy
My favorite part of living on campus is: The tight-knit community aspect; you live so closely to your friends and classmates. When do you get to experience something like that outside of this place?
Favorite Singer/Band: Bastille or The 1975
Favorite TV Show: Friends

Brennan Black Kent

Fun facts about me: My favorite activity is reading. I drink tea incessantly. I’m very close to my family. I adore Harry Potter.
Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
Favorite Food: donuts and fruit

Chelsea Hoyt

What are you looking forward to as an RA? Being able to provide guidance and support to students who need it, and fostering a sense of community for my residents as well as with the other RAs.
Fun fact about me: I’m very crafty. I knit, crochet, draw, paint, and can apply henna tattoos freehand. I’m also one of the founders and the current fundraising coordinator of the Windmill Theatre Co. on campus.
Favorite Movie: Kill Bill Vol. I and II

Colt Dodd

What are you looking forward to as an RA? Creating a healthy community space for B Dorm! Also founding B Dorm Club.
Fun Fact: I’m excited to have a lot of things going on my fourth year! I’m going to be writing my thesis on Peter Pan, studying and applying for grad school.

Cristina Harty

Fun fact: I like dancing in my room
AOC/Year in School: Psychology/2nd year
Favorite Movie: Up
Food: pasta


Dain Regis
Hometown: cap’ Haitien, Haiti
AOC/Year in School: 4th year, Biology
Dream Job: Cardiothoracic Surgeon (dream job because dreams come true) (fantasy job is BEASTMODE! NFL wide receiver)

Destinee Aponte

Fun fact about me: I am a complete animal lover and my favorite animal is the sloth
Hometown: Brooklyn
Favorite Past Time/Hobby: listening to music, playing guitar
Favorite Movie: anything by Quentin Tarantino

Evan Murphy

Favorite Past Time/Hobby: Enjoy playing sports out on Z green or the courts at NCF
Favorite Movie: Inception
Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad
Favorite Food: Seafood is my favorite

Eve Burns

AOC/Year in School: Who knows?! (Undecided) / 2nd year
Favorite Past Time/Hobby: Dancing!
Favorite Movie: 5th Element? But only because I can recite it word for word....
Dream Job: Traveling the world eating food. (If only someone would pay me for it)

Kaylie Stokes

Favorite Past Time/Hobby: Filmmaking/Videography, skateboarding, puzzling, reading
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
AOC/Year in school: Social Sciences, 3rd year

AOC/Year in School:
3rd Year International Development student
Favorite Singer/Band: Miguel
Favorite Past Time/Hobby: Dancing
Dream Job: Doctor

Marianny DeLeon

My favorite part of living on campus is: The fact that I can casually run into someone at any given place and find myself still talking to them 3 hours later. I have gotten into so many nice groups and learned so much from the people around me. Living on campus has given me good reason to be more outgoing!
Hometown: Santo Domingo
Major/Year in School: Psychology, 4th year transfer

Nisha Hodge

What are you looking forward to as an RA? I am looking forward to working and helping the international students acclimate to campus.
Hometown: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Major/Year in School: Biochemistry/ 3rd year
Dream Job: Pediatrician

Olivia Talton

My favorite part of living on campus is: The sense of community
Favorite Movie: The Lion King
Favorite TV Show: Orphan Black or Orange is the New Black
Major/Year in School: Second year Biology student

Sam Weldon

Fun fact about me: I am red-green colorblind.
Dream Job: Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Favorite Vacation Spot: Lake Tahoe, Nevada
How long have you been an RA? This is my first time as an RA

Sarah Oldham

Fun fact about me: I spent a month in Turkey
Dream Job: Ambassador
Favorite Vacation Spot: Istanbul
AOC/Year in School: International Studies and Political Science, 4th year

Taylor Toro

Hometown: Kearny, New Jersey
Major/Year in School: Biology/ 3rd year
Favorite Past Time/Hobby: I play my guitar and ukulele!
Favorite Holiday: Christmas! I love the music and the warmth associated with it.

Tessa Geier

What are you looking forward to as an RA? Getting to know my residents and creating a cool living community in W!
Favorite Movie: Moonstruck
Favorite Vacation Spot: Europe
Fun fact about me: I am obsessed with Italy and it's culture!

Catalina Gil

Hometown: Miami, FL
Favorite Singer/Band: Jason Mraz
Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who
Dream Job: Marine Biology shark conservation

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