Public Policy

At New College, our Public Policy AOC strives to provide students with the analytical tools necessary to understand how public policy is formulated and to evaluate the merits of such policy. The ultimate goal is to enable the student to analyze both the process by which policy is developed and to determine whether that policy is in the public interest. The ability to systematically analyze complex policy issues has proven useful to careers in law, business, government service, and non-governmental organizations involved in policy debates.

One of our faculty members, Professor Keith Fitzgerald, served as a two-term member of the Florida House of Representatives while another, Professor Rick Coe, is an expert on government spending, tax policies, and poverty and welfare programs. Other faculty members who teach within the discipline have expertise that includes:

• Government policy
• Wealth distribution and social programs 
• Marine policy
• Energy policy
• Financial markets and banking
• Development issues
• Monetary theory
• Immigration
• International trade and commerce
• Technology diffusion and trade

Many students find studying Public Policy at New College is excellent preparation for law, business, government service and other vocations that involve the large institutional structures of our society.

Brilliantly [U]nique. [U]niquely Brilliant.

As part of the State University System of Florida, New College of Florida is one of the few public liberal arts and sciences honors colleges in the United States. We’re known for our record number of Fulbright Scholars (more per capita than Harvard, Stanford or Yale) and for the high rate of our students going on to graduate school. We offer an individualized, thought-provoking and challenging academic experience. What does that mean? Hands-on research conducted side by side with your professors. Small, intimate classes. Detailed narrative evaluations from your professors. Independent study required to graduate. All in a stunning location right on the water in Sarasota, Florida.

[Did you know?]

For the 2010 graduating class, 86 percent of graduates who applied to a Ph.D. program were accepted, and 100 percent who applied to law school got in. It's no wonder that The Wall Street Journal ranked New College the nation’s No. 2 public feeder school for elite law, medical and business schools.

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