Resources in Psychology

Students studying Psychology at New College enjoy a wealth of on and off-campus resources to augment their academic program. These include discipline-specific laboratories, advanced software for data analysis, internship and off-campus research opportunities designed to provide real-world, hands-on experience in the field, and study abroad.

Centrally located on our Bayfront Campus, the Developmental/Social Laboratory includes an observation/testing room with an adjacent computer coding room that are available throughout the year to students in Psychology. The observation room can be used for testing individuals or small groups, with or without video recording of the interactions. The adjacent computer room can be used to monitor the activities live via video links on a computer monitor and to code the recorded interactions at a later time. Other rooms in the lab are available for running computerized, survey, or observational studies. Two handheld camcorders and an IP camera are available for video recording, either in the observation room or with laptop computers for offsite recording.  A large, central room in the lab is also available for group studies or as a waiting room for research participants.

The New College Comparative Cognition Laboratory (NCCCL) offers resources for students to analyze animal vocalizations and behavior. Although the focus of the lab is on dolphins, students have also studied other species (e.g., manatees, lemurs, and birds) using the lab's specialized acoustic processing software and video analysis equipment.

In addition to the Developmental/Social Laboratory and the NCCCL, Psychology students also have access to a new Social Sciences Research Laboratory in our Academic Center and to a small computer laboratory in Bonseigneur House (the Psychology Building), as well as to general use computer labs on campus.

Advanced Software for Data Analysis
Familiarity with software used in advanced data analysis gives students a leg up when it comes to admission into the nation's leading graduate programs. At New College, students in our Psychology AOC have access to such leading software programs as Interact, an observation software program that allows the interactions to be time stamped with any coding scheme; SuperLab for creating stimulus presentations and measuring reaction times; CLAN and LIWC for coding and analyzing transcripts of social interactions; and SPSS and SAS for statistical analyses.

Internships and Off-Campus Research
Psychology students at New College enjoy internship and off-campus study opportunities with some of the region's and the nation's top research laboratories and programs. Through them, they gain invaluable, real-world experience into how psychological research is performed in the field. In recent years, our students have completed internships and research at Vanderbilt Neuroscience Lab, Chimp Haven, Mote Marine Laboratory, Dolphin Research Center, Dolphins Plus, Navy Marine Mammal Program, University of Miami Hearing Lab, University of Miami Touch Lab, Lemur Conservation Foundation, Poynter Institute, Roskamp Institute, and Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.

Study Abroad
Although it is not a formal component of our Psychology AOC, many students within the program have incorporated study abroad and cross-cultural data collection into their research and thesis work. Examples of recent international or cross-cultural research performed by our students include an examination of early motherhood experiences in Nicaragua, a study of the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on Ugandan orphans, and an investigation of the differences in wayfinding ability among rural and urban-living Aboriginal Australians.

[Did you know?]

Between 1998 and 2010, more than 90 percent of psychology students who applied to professional schools (Med, Vet, Law, MSW) were accepted. And many others received awards such as the National Science Foundation Doctoral Fellowship and Fulbrights to Germany and Spain.

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