Proposed Regulations & Rules

In accordance with the Florida Board of Governors Regulation Development Procedure, the New College of Florida Board of Trustees posts any proposal to adopt revisions to its Regulation Manual.

Proposed Regulations
Notice 1-1018 Compliance with Legal Process and Responding to Communications from Attorneys and Court Officials
Notice 3-1002 Tuition and Fees
Notice 3-1003 Waiver of Tuition and Fees
Notice 3-3006 Canines on Campus
Notice 3-4013 University Support Personnel Staff (USPS) Personnel Files
Notice 3-4018 Sexual Discrimination/Harassment
Notice 3-4021 Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace
Notice 3-4027 Discrimination/Harassment
Notice 4-2004 Observance of Religious Holy Days by Students
Notice 6-3003 Student Ombudsperson
Notice 7-1001 Alcohol and Other Drugs
Notice - Deletion of Policies

Proposed Rules
In accordance with the State of Florida Rulemaking procedure, the New College of Florida Board of Trustees makes any Notice of Rule Development and/or Proposed Draft Rules available on its website.

New College of Florida 2011 Enhanced Biennial Rule Review, Report & Certification



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