Senior Thesis Projects in Political Science

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Political Science:

 “’You Tell Me it's the Institution’: Executive-Legislative Dynamics, Electoral Reform, and the Party of Patronage in Putin's Russia” by Joshua C. Scheible

This Land is My Land, This Land is Our Land: The Intersection of Property Law and Development in China” by Maximillion Brown

An Analysis of U.S. Media Coverage of the Tet Offensive and its Effect on Public Opinion about the Vietnam War” by George Pavlidakey, Jr.

The State's Voice in the National Health Care Debate” by Christine Wilson

Follow the Rainbow Brick Road: A Cross-National Analysis of LGBT Rights” by Dana Ziegler

United States Public Policy Regarding Genetically Modified Foods” by Jennifer A. Zimmerman

It's in the Air For You And Me: Nuclear Power in France, Germany, Sweden and The United States after Chernobyl” by Casey Morell

Bedouin Modernization Policies in Jordan and Israel” by Samantha Sementilli

Engaging the Dragon: Controversial Dimensions of Chinese Foreign Policy” by Danielle Korngold

The Victim's Burden: Disrupted Identity and Social Tensions in the Reintegration of Ex-LRA in Northern Uganda” by Alexandra Pierce

Reconciliation after Atrocity:  Transitional Justice in Africa” by Kristen Collins

Conceptions of Citizenship and the Democratic Transition Process: Citizenship Policies in Postcommunist Central and Eastern Europe” by Maura Letmon

As the World Burns: Theoretical Frameworks for Analyzing Domestic Terrorism” by Thomas McKay

Successes and Failures of Democratic Consolidation in South Asia: A Comparative Study of India and Pakistan” by Dolan Cochran

Where Whiskey is for Drinking and Water is for Cooperating Over: An application of the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework to the struggle over Pacific Northwest water allocation” by Michael J. Dexter

Development and Remembrance: The Use of Transitional justice Mechanisms in Transforming a State from Conflict” by Jennifer Lieb

Conflicts in Institutions: President Obama and the Health Care Debate” by Kirk Lohbauer

Targeting Strategies of Terrorist Groups: A Comparative Case Study of Northern Ireland and Spain” by Stephen Quirke

African Renaissance? The Emerging Security Structure of the African Union” by Lensa Kwadjo

Habla Ingles: An Examination of Programs of ELL Education in the United States” by Mary Lace Guilfoil

Progressive Bullying: How Unilateral Actions Could Help International Fisheries” by Jack Mewhirter

Eating in Separate Kitchens: Economic Decentralization and Local Authority in China” by Sarah Brown

The Political Economy of Development in South Korea” by Geoffrey Gordon

An Examination of the Causal Mechanisms Behind Latin America's Populist Revival and Corresponding Move to the Left” by Andrea Lynch

States, Identity Construction, and Conflict: A Political Science Portfolio” by Alejandro Castano

What's the Catch? An Interrogation of Regional Fisheries Management Organization's Use of Catch Documentation Schemes” by Chloe Davis

Striving for Participation: An Analysis of Community- Based Natural Resource Management in Botswana” by Catherine Gowan

Precedented Yet Unparalleled: How New is the ‘New Terrorism’ of the Al Qaeda Network?” by Harrison Duke Grandwilliams

The African National Congress: An Analysis of Political Frames” by Lindsay Levinson

Genetically Modified Food Aid: Context and Consequences” by Evan D. Axelrad

Women, Peace and (In)security? Rape, Armed Conflict and United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325: A Cross-Comparative Analysis” by Tierney Elison

The EU Political System Under Stress: Managing Political Uncertainty in Genetically Modified Organisms Policy” by Diana Hinova

Assessing the European Security and Defence Policy: Motivations and Operational Efficacy in European Military Cooperation” by Ambar Velazquez Rivera

Trade in Ideas and the Ideas of Trade: Using Constructivist Political Economy to Explain the Spread of Economic Regionalism” by Adam Tubridy

Botswana, a Model for Development in Africa?” by Douglas Bove

The New Great Game: A Study of International Energy Competition in the Caspian Sea Region” by Robert Kupstas Byla

From Twice Promised Land to Peace for Piece: A Comprehensive Study of the Israeli-Arab Conflict” by Stan Levit

Gender and Land Tenure: Paths to Women's Land Rights” by Lindsay Gorton

Efficacy of Public Campaign Finance in State Legislative Races” by Amy Harper

Can History Be Our Guide?: Evaluating the Effects of Constitutional Rules on Size of Government” by Paolo Mastrangelo

Beyond the Decentralization Paradigm: Revisiting Theories and Practice of Local Forest Management in Developing States” by Emily Myerscough

The Role of Amnesty in Ending Civil Conflicts” by Margaret Prusner

Understanding Village Governance in China: Accountability and Responsivity in Authoritarian Systems” by Anthony Circharo

Civil Conflict Outcomes and Recurrence” by Andrew Perniciaro

Rebels without Borders: The Effect of Bilateral Trade on the Existence of Transnational Bases” by Isaac Duerr

Into Africa: A Study of Post-Conflict Democratization” by Ceara Riggs

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