Senior Thesis Projects in Physics

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Physics:

"Lorentz Violating Extensions of the Nuclear Shell Model" by Steven Wilcox

"Phase Transitions of BaTiO3 Nanoparticles Studied by Differential Scanning Calorimeter" by Emily Myers

"Investigating the origin of the Pioneer anomaly through Java computer modeling" by Kathleen Kiker

"Experimental Thermal Analysis of Aqueous Al2O3 Nanofluids" by Katherine McAlpine

"Monte Carlo Simulations for Lorentz Violating Bose-Einstein Condensates" by Brenton Boland

"Water Purification in the Global South" by Meagan Patrick

Sudoku Scheming: Am Algebraic Combinatorial Approach to Discovering Properties of Sudoku Graphs using Association Schemes” by Ziva Myer

Measurement of the Proton Spin Structure Function g1 with Data from the EG1-DVCS Experiment” by Christopher Pedersen

Simulating Electromagnetic Wave Propagation using Multi-Scale Time-Domain Methods and Iterative Algorithms” by Kerry Keys

Sequestration and Stabilization: Taming the Black Hole” by Patrick Dees

Thickness and Refractive Index Measurements of Transparent Thin Films” by Andrew Hammer

Micro-Raman Study of Filled Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes” by Tom Hartsfield

Optical Properties of Noble Metal Nanoparticles in Dielectric Thin Films” by Robin Jacobs-Gedrim

Microsolvation of the Cyanyl Radical: Competition Between Hydrogen Bonding and Electrostatic Non-Covalent Interactions” by Jacob Bloom

"Raman Studies of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Suspended in Polystyrene" by Ross DeMike

Numerical Analysis of the Spring Pendulum System using MATLAB” by Matthew Brannock

"Experimental Study of Polyaniline Chemical Actuators for Bending Silicon Wafers" by Denise Hoover

Raman Spectroscopy of Te Filled Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes” by Michael Aldridge

Lepton Pair Production Due to e-e+ Pair Annihilation in the Presence of Spontaneous Lorentz-Symmetry Violation” by Raul Briceno

Rutherford and Bremsstrahlung Scattering in the Presence of Lorentz Symmetry Violation” by Colwyn Gulliford

Raman Spectroscopy of PbI2 Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes” by Bryan DeBono

Star Formation and Metallicity in High EQW(Ha) Galaxies: A Search for Metal-Poor Candidates” by Jennifer E. Pollack

Surface Plasmon Resonance of Noble Metal Nanoparticles in Thin Film Dielectric Matrices” by Rose Ruther

The Physics of Tachyons” by Tim Sanchez

Thin Gold Films Sputter Deposition and Optical Characterization” by Tik Sun

Technology and Creativity: The Role of Compositional Tools in the Shaping of Music” by Audrey R. Troutt

Study of the Helical Field Coil and the Ohmic Heating Coil Systems in the Compact Toroidal Hybrid” by Emily Dangelmaier

Carbon Nanoparticles” by Peter Dow

The Nonrelativistic Limit of Fermionic Operators with Lorentz Violation” by Homer F. Wolfe

Implementation of Density Functional Theory and Application of DFT to the Chlorine/Benzene Adduct” by Steven Edge Wheeler

Using Homotopy Groups to Detect Topological Defects with Applications to a Loentz-Violating Theory” by Selena Lee

Coil Impedance in the Presence of an Axially Symmetric Conductor” by Dustin Soodak

Curved, Periodic Crack Patterns in Thin Sol-Gel Films” by Keely Willis

Quantum Chemistry & Methyl Transfer” by Robert Sidney Cox, III

Simulating Emulating: Associative Memory in Spiking Neural Networks” by Brian Hallmark

Trucking: The Vehicle Routing Problem and Improvement Graph Local Search” by Abram Steele-Feldman

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New College students work on major scientific research and outreach projects funded by the National Science Foundation, the Research Corporation for Science Advancement, the U.S. Army, AT&T Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, the National Endowment for the Humanities and diverse cultural organizations.

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