Palm Court Party (PCP)

The Halloween, Valentines and Commencement PCP's are annual events.

Some points for all Palm Court Parties:

• This is a student event to which alums have been invited. Returning alums may feel at home at New College, we must remember that New College actually IS HOME to current students. The security and well-being of current students, some of whom are minor and most of whom are below legal drinking age, must remain our foremost concern. Please be a courteous and responsible guest.

• The students have planned for the party to last until sunrise. Noise complaints can shut down the music. As such, adjustments to volume may be made at the discretion of the student sponsors . A sufficient number of campus police and hired security have been arranged to keep the party open and secure.

• For older alums, please note that over the years students have expanded. The students utilize many areas around the Pei dorm campus for various types of music and various times through the party. In particular, the interior of Hamilton Center and remains open until sunrise.

• Chill Out Room, HCL 7: Students and alumnae/i are welcome to visit the chill-out room in HCL 7. The chill space offers water and snacks and a quiet escape from the party. Feel free to invite a friend and rest up, but we ask visitors to keep their voices low while inside.

ALL alums and their guests MUST HAVE A WRISTBAND to obtain entry to the PCP. The NCAA is the ONLY entity giving out wristbands for alums and their guests on Thursday Feb. 19 and Feb. 20. Alums may come by The Keating Center from noon to 4:30 p.m. on those days to obtain PCP wristbands.






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