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Why Study Music at New College?

Whether part of a performance that resembles experimental theater, through the ear buds of an iPod, through a dorm-room wall or as the song of the mockingbird at 3 a.m., the Music program at New College recognizes that music challenges as often as it comforts and represents conflict as often as it communicates a message of peace and understanding.

Within the program you can choose to pursue Music as a stand alone Area of Concentration (AOC), combine it with another major (a “slash” AOC as we call it), or you can concentrate on Music as part of an AOC in Humanities. Regardless of your choice, you will work closely with faculty who will challenge you to test the boundaries of what exactly music is and explore it from a variety of perspectives, including:

• Creative expression
• Composition
• Instrumentation
• History
• Sound
• Physical gesture
• Social impact and experience
• A measure of cultural change





[Did you know?]

Students in music at New College have a variety of ways to participate and perform outside the classroom, including the New College Chorus, Acapellago (our student a capella group), New Cats (our student jazz ensemble) and New Music New College.

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