Marine Science Outreach Initiative

Welcome to the Marine Science Outreach Initiative (MSOI). The focus of the activities and information here is "Edges." Interfaces provide opportunities to explore many questions at once in a very simple way or from a broader perspective. We welcome contributions from students and from teachers to improve our website.

The MSOI is based out of New College of Florida's Pritzker Marine Biological Research Center (PMBRC).


This project is funded by NOAA Fisheries grant NA03NMF4720358 in support of the strategic goal to protect, conserve, and restore living marine resource habitat and biodiversity.

The statements in this document do not constitute endorsement by the Department of Commerce/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or New College of Florida of the information, organizations, products or services contained therein. Neither the Department of Commerce nor NOAA or New College of Florida has received any compensation, financial or otherwise, for including specific references.



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Marine Science Outreach Initiative
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