Message from the Chair

Greetings friends and fellow alumnae/i!

The Board of Directors of the New College Alumnae/i Association [NCAA] had its first regular meeting for 2014-2015 on July 25, 2014.  This was the first board meeting for our newest members who were appointed in May.

 As is our protocol, in advance of the meeting, we conducted a new member orientation on July 24, 2014, to familiarize our new members with the mission of the Alumnae/i Association, our structure and relation to Foundation and the College, our core programs, our committees, Florida Sunshine Guidelines and the requirements and expectations of board service.  It was exciting to meet our newest members and have them meet each other. We all look forward to their participation in their new roles on the board.  

At the meeting on the 25th, we elected new leadership positions.  In advance of the meeting Thomas Knight ‘03, who was previously elected to serve a 2 year term as chair elect, notified us that his new job as a full faculty member at University of Florida was preventing him from fulfilling his leadership obligations.  As such, he stepped down from the role, which also had him chairing the Special Events committee. We are pleased that Thomas has opted to remain on the board as a general member as he has contributed so much to us and the College, and he remains an insightful and innovative advocate.  We are ecstatic for Thomas and congratulate him in his new professional situation.

Frazier Carraway ‘72, who was the acting chair of the Governance committee, was unanimously elected as Chair-Elect to serve the remainder of Thomas’ term.  I along with the entire executive committee, look forward to working closely with Frazier.  He has already demonstrated his strong leadership abilities.

To fill the Governance Committee chair position, Maia Hinkle ‘05, who had been serving as Board Treasurer, as well as serving on the Governance Committee, indicated her desire to chair the Governance Committee and was elected unanimously to that position. The position of Governance Chair is a one year position.

The Board opted not to fill the Treasurer position at this time. In the next few weeks the Board will be voting on by-law revisions concerning our committee structure.  As the Treasurer’s role may be modified in these revisions, we felt it best to fill that role once we know what the structure will be. 

Colin Boyle ‘89 was unanimously elected to serve as chair of the Communications Committee. Colin had previously served on the communications committee and also serves as the liaison to the college’s Office of Communications and Marketing for overall website matters.  We appreciate the leadership that out-going chair, Hazel Bradford ‘75 had demonstrated these past 18 months.

Our next meeting is the Meeting of the Association and is scheduled for 11/1/14 from 9:30-11:00 a.m. on New College’s campus. This meeting will primarily be devoted to receiving alum comments on the issue of elections v. appointments for board membership. This meeting is being held in conjunction with our annual Alum Reunion Weekend.  Certainly, alums are also welcome to email your comments to us in advance at  If possible, please address the specific concerns regarding board diversity and election procedure. With regard to an election procedure, please bear in mind that approximately 23% of our alums are not connected to us via email.  With regard to diversity, please note that approximately 31% of alums graduated in the last 10 years.  It is the desire of our board to have our board reflect the diversity of our alums not only in the more typically regarded ways, but also in terms of AOC, geography, years at New College and profession.

Reunion Weekend 2014 -- October 30-Nov 2nd, 2014

During its May 2013 meeting, the New College Alumnae/i Association Board of Directors chose to move reunions from February to October. The October reunions will allow more alums to attend the Foundation’s annual Clambake event, Halloween PCP and provide more event opportunities around the Sarasota community and on campus in which alums can participate. Please let us know if you like this time of year for reunions, or if you would like to see them returned to February or May (as we have done in years past) or be held a completely different time of year.

This year’s theme is “Same As It Ever Was…”

Our inaugural class is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, which means that every coming year will also celebrate a 50th!  What an exciting mark for our alum family!  And this year also poses a seminal date for our classes entering in 1974, 1984, 1989, 1994 and 2004.  If you would like to coordinate a gathering for your group or to volunteer, please contact a member of the Special Events Committee (Thomas Knight ‘03, Michael Dexter ‘07, Gera Peoples ‘94, Cindy Hill ‘89, Rick Schofield ‘85 or Frazier Carraway ‘72) at

In recognition of the Charter Class 50th Anniversary special events will occur over reunion weekend that will be available only for charter class members.  These events include a welcome reception at the home of Kathleen ‘64 and Stephen Raskin and a brunch hosted by John ‘64 and Kitty Cranor.  Other events in tribute to the Charter Class, but open to all, include a memorial service and reception on the bay front at which alums may purchase floating lanterns to honor the memory of New College family members who are no longer with us.

Other events being finalized are a haunted Caples mansion tour led by Emeritus Professor Mac Miller, mini classes with current faculty, alums and emeriti faculty, a special New Topics New College featuring Pulitzer Prize author Hedrick Smith, and the New College Foundation’s 36th annual Clambake.

As always, if you feel there is any matter the NCAA needs to address, please feel free to contact me or any other board member.  A listing of board directors is located at

 In Service,

Susan “Spozy” Sapoznikoff ‘83

Chair, New College Alumnae/i Association

Please be aware of these other upcoming New College events in 2014-2015:
Golf Challenge: 9/13/14
Family Weekend: 9/26-28/14
Pique Nique dans la Nuit: 3/26/14
Pique Nique sur la Baie:  3/27/15
New Scholars New College: 5/21/15
2015 Commencement: 5/22/15



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