Message from the Chair

Greetings friends and fellow alumnae/i!

The Board of Directors of the New College Alumnae/i Association [NCAA] had its fourth regular meeting for 2013-2014 on May 23, 2014.

The board voted on applicants for the open directors seats. The following alums were appointed to 3 year terms that will begin 7/25/14: Chad Bickerton ‘05, Rick Schofield ‘85, Shannon Strischeck ‘05 and Norm Stein ‘73. To learn more about why they wanted to serve on the NCAA board, you can review their Statements of Intent at under 2014 Applicants Statements of Intent.

These statements were published and open for public comment in advance of the appointment vote. We are excited to have them join us, for the diverse backgrounds these members bring to our board and, of course, their passion for New College.

All board members are volunteers who collectively expend approximately 1,500 hours per year in service to New College and its alumnae/i. I want to thank all the current and past board members for their devotion to New College and for taking time from their busy work and family schedules to make New College and our alums a priority.

At the meeting, the bylaws were amended to add flexibility to when the reunion may occur and to clarify the role of the Alumnae/i Association as a part of the New College Foundation.

The Board is in the process of investigating ways to increase the ability of alums, regardless of their location or position in life, to participate more easily in board service. The review includes, but is not limited to, the timing of meetings, the number of in person meetings required and the options for non-face-to-face meetings. As these considerations may impact the bylaws, they are also being reviewed in a comprehensive manner. If you have any comments or suggestions please submit them to by July 30th.

Also, the NCAA board is currently reviewing the appointment process on schedule after three years of implementation. The Board will be assessing how future board membership will be determined and as a part of that assessment, considering input that is received.

The Meeting of the Association to be held on 11/1/14 (in conjunction with the annual reunion) from 9:30-11:00 a.m. at The Keating Center will primarily be devoted to receiving alum comments on this issue. Certainly, you are also welcome to email your comments to us in advance at If possible, please address the specific concerns regarding board diversity and election procedure. With regard to an election procedure, please bear in mind that approximately 23% of our alums are not connected to us via email. With regard to diversity, please note that approximately 31% of alums graduated in the last 10 years. It is the desire of our board to have our board reflect the diversity of our alums not only in the more typically regarded ways, but also in terms of AOC, geography, years at New College and profession.

A main focus this year has been to increase our presence in and the activity of our regional chapters. We hope to receive updated reports from our various chapters on a regular basis to help keep alums connected. However, to make that work we need alums in the various areas to help with outreach. If you would be willing to host a potluck or other event, make phone calls, reach out to alums via social media, or welcome new alums to your area, please let us know. Additional information about becoming a chapter volunteer and what areas have active online groups is located at and Please contact us at to sign up to become a chapter volunteer. We are especially looking for chapter assistance in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Austin.

Finally, many of you were shocked and outraged by a recent Sarasota Herald Tribune article that outlined how and why the state was decreasing funding to New College under the Performance Based metrics established recently. As you aware, the alumnae/i association was proactive in informing members of the association in numerous communications to alums over the past year.

The alumnae/i board was first made aware of the metrics in September 2013. I have issued 3 Messages from the Chair since then. Each one is on the website, and was placed on and promoted by social media, as well. Each one referenced the metrics and what alums can do to help.

We also have 2 videos on our association web page that address the metrics and what alums can do to help. The metrics were mentioned during phone-a-thon calls to alums this fall as well. The NCAA board also mobilized this fall to send targeted emails and make personal phone calls to young alums (those out 5 years or less) and thesis students regarding the metrics and what alums can do to help. On a smaller level, I and other board members have personally posted about the metrics and what alums can do to help on our own Facebook pages and social media accounts.

We as an association want to make sure alums are informed in advance when issues like these arise and I would like to thank all of you who answered the call this year by providing your information, supporting New College with your gifts, and giving of your volunteer time. I am especially proud of our board and their immediate outreach and response upon learning about the situation surrounding the metrics last fall.

The College has currently submitted a performance improvement plan to the Board of Governors that is being discussed at their state meeting this week. In the meantime, however, there are things alums can do to support these efforts. First, please provide the NCAA with your post graduation employment and education data by filling out the form at this link: Second, make a gift in support of New College at whatever level you can, even $1.00, to increase our percentage of alum giving. Not only will it assist with the metrics, it will bolster the message that you value your New College education.

Please plan on attending the reunion from October 30th to November 2nd. Invitations with details will be coming to all alums in July.

This reunion will mark the 50th celebration of our charter class, and a seminal date for our classes entering in 1974, 1984, 1989, 1994 and 2004. If you would like to coordinate a gathering for your group or to volunteer, please contact a member of the Special Events Committee (Thomas Knight ’03 [committee chair], Michael Dexter ’07, Gera Peoples ’94, Cindy Hill ’89 or Frazier Carraway ’72) at

Moving the reunion to the fall allows us to combine our events with other campus events, like the Clambake and Halloween PCP with the hope of making your trip back to campus as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. Please let us know if you like this time of year for reunions, or if you would like to see them returned to February or May (as we have done in years past) or be held a completely different time of year.

As always, if you feel there is any matter the NCAA needs to address, please feel free to contact me or any other board member. A listing of board directors is located at

In service,
Susan “Spozy” Sapoznikoff ‘83
Chair, New College Alumnae/i Association

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