Senior Thesis Projects in Mathematics

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some recent thesis projects in Mathematics:

A Bost-Connes System for Qp” by Cody Gunton

Fan Blowup of Analytic Surgery Spaces” by Brian Stanwyck

Reidemeister Torsion and the Classification of Three-Dimentional Lens Spaces” by Katherine Raoux

Sudoku Scheming: Am Algebraic Combinatorial Approach to Discovering Properties of Sudoku Graphs using Association Schemes” by Ziva Myer

Dynamics of an Analogue of the Quadratic Family on Su (2)” by John Anthony Emanuello

Hyperbolic Structures On Weave Complements” by Indra Shottland

Local Algebraic Invariant Statistics for a Heuristic to Compare Phylogenetic Trees” by Ian Haywood

A Natural Isomorphism from the Ordered Homology to the Oriented Homology of an Injective Set” by Nathaniel Chandler

One-Dimensional Cellular Automata: Pascal's Triangle and an Extension of Rule 90 for a Non-Abelian Group” by Erin Craig

The Gröbner Annihilator Graph of a Ring” by Trevor McGuire

An Evolutionary Model for the Stable Marriage Problem” by Sarah Rose Karr

Fun with Elliptic Curves” by Lisa Bromberg

Cyclic Covering Spaces of Knot Complements” by Mark Flanagan

Red Tide and Mathematical Modeling” by Lance Price

Compiling Imperative and Functional Languages” by Jeremy W. Sherman

Outer Approximation of the Spectrum of a Fractal Laplacian” by Stacey Goff

Mixture Model of Mutagenetic Trees and Application in Evolutionary Biology” by Guangming Lang

The Stable Matching Problem*: Graphs and Competition a Preference Oriented Exploration of the Stable Matching Problem” by David Tanner

Optimizing Covertimes with Constraints” by Ryan Compton

Impact of Redundant Data on Evolution of Neural Networks” by Joshua Burroughs

Faithfulness Properties of the Burau Representation” by Caleb Hussey

Structural Comparison of Executables with Graph Isomorphisms” by Rolf Rolles

Adventures and Misadventures in Riemannian Geometry: Curvature Comparisons for Surfaces of Revolution” by Jake Silverstein

A Centralizer, Algebra Approach to Computing the Chromatic Polynomial” by Alexander Wires

From Homotopy to Homology through Pictures” by Eliza A. Khuner

Artificial Neural Network Approach to Eye Color Forecasting” by Kalin Ranov

Optimal Behavior of Contrite Tit-for-Tat Under Infinitesimal Rate of Error” by Timothy Teravainen

The Nonrelativistic Limit of Fermionic Operators with Lorentz Violation” by Homer F. Wolfe

Double Bubbles in Spaces of Constant Curvature” by Joseph A. Corneli

Using Homotopy Groups to Detect Topological Defects with Applications to a Loentz-Violating Theory” by Selena Lee

Differential Geometry of Manifolds, the Gauss-Bonnet Theorem, and Polygonal Approximations” by Amie Bowles

Designs and Codes in Odd Graphs” by Michael Cenzer

Stock Option Pricing: From Binomial to Black-Scholes and (Slightly) Beyond” by Michael Carlisle

Mycroft: An Automated Predicate Logic Theorem Prover” by Austin Eliazar

On Integer Flows in Cayley Graphs: Excursions in Tutte's 3-edgecoloring Conjecture” by Scott Moser

Average Exit Time Moments of Geometric Graphs with Boundary” by Robert Meyers

Modeling Microtubule Dynamics” by Jake Byrnes

Percolation on a Random Tree” by Douglas Wahl

Optimal Transitional Labelings of Graphs: A Polarization Approach” by Andrea Saunders

Coping with a Curvy Cosmos: General Relativity, the LIGO Project, and Combinatorics” by Gilliss Dyer


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