A new logo for New College.

New College of Florida began a redesign of the College’s logo in May 2012. This project was approved by the External Affairs Committee of the New College Board of Trustees.

After a careful analysis of comments from a community survey, it is clear that while one of the designs was the choice of a majority (54%) of respondents, it was the reluctant favorite, and we still have more work to do. We all want a logo that expresses the unique spirit and intellectual rigor of New College. We’re not about to compromise that objective.

Because of that, we have decided to step back and take more time to completely integrate all the input. We are not pursuing any of the four designs originally shown to the community.

We thank you for your feedback.

About the Project

NOTE: This project only involves redesigning New College's existing logo that says "New College of Florida" with the horizontal line reading "The Honors College." It does NOT involve redesigning the Four Winds seal established by our founders. The seal will remain the core element that expresses who we are and will be used in a number of official capacities.

The goals of the logo redesign are:

To create a visually dynamic and engaging logo that boldly and powerfully expresses New College as one of the country’s top liberal arts colleges.

To create a logo that effectively integrates with the style, character and modern use of the Four Winds used in the designs of the new campus wayfinding signage.

To design ONE logo that will work equally well regardless of the space, scale or purpose for which it is used and that can be scaled to different sizes while still maintaining its visual integrity and readability.

To create a logo that effectively incorporates the following logistical elements:

The font for the logo should express both substance (gravitas) as well as freshness.

Use of New College blue (PMS 287) as the dominant color in the logo.

If additional colors are incorporated, they must be part of the official New College of Florida color palette.

To create a logo that resonates with members of the campus community, with alumnae/i and with prospective students.

To create a logo that will endure.

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