Literature Curriculum

Our students must complete seven contracts, three Independent Study Projects and a senior thesis project to graduate. Contracts consist of three to five academic activities — courses, tutorials, internships, independent reading projects, etc. — that will develop your personal educational goals during a semester.

Here’s a list of recent course offerings in Literature:
Please note that the list below is just a small sample of courses offered in Literature. For a complete list of courses by semester, please click here.

The Ancient Novel
Greek Drama

Modern Chinese Literature: A Survey
Classical Chinese Literature: A Survey
Heroism and Chinese Narratives 

Becoming Jane Austen: Romantic-Era British Women’s Writing
Critical Theory in the U. S. 
Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
African_American Literature
Reading Poetry
Shakespeare: Language and Identity
Virginia Woolf: Art and the Artist

18th-century French Literature
Literary Movements of 19th-century France 
Francophone Literatures of the Americas: Giving Voice to Identity
Black Orpheus at the Turn of the 21st Century: Novels and Short-Stories from Francophone Africa
The French Renaissance: Contextualizing Sixteenth Century Literature
World War II France in Film and Fiction
Double Stories: Historic/ Heuristic Fictions
Proust’s In Search of Lost Time
Le rire à travers les siècles (in French)
L'Amour Interdit (in French)

Women and Seduction in 18th- and Early 19th-Century German Bourgeois Drama
Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
Snow White in Text and Film
Age of Goethe
The Theatre of Bertolt Brecht

Nabokov’s Early Novels: Resident and Stranger
Russian Realism
Dostoevsky: The Major Novels
Women in Russian Literature: 1780s-1990s

The Need for Fictions: The Narratives of Gabriel García Márquez and Juan Rulfo
Representations of Power in Modern Latin American Novels
An Introduction to Colonial Texts: Spanish America
Storytellers/Los que cuentan historias (in Spanish)
Latin American Essays (in Spanish)

For detailed requirements, check out our General Catalog and the Literature Academic Learning Compact.

For a complete list of courses, click here.


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