Introduction to Psychology

Steven Graham, Assistant Professor

Course Description:
New College Assistant Professor of Psychology Steven Graham, Carnegie Mellon Ph.D., will examine classic and contemporary research and theory in psychology, defined as the scientific study of the feelings, thoughts and behaviors of people and non-human animals. Students will discover topics including the biological bases of behavior, learning and memory, development, language, social influence, emotion and psychopathology. There are no prerequisites for this class, and it fulfills an LAC requirement.

What you will learn:
Students will be able to:
• Broadly summarize the nature and scope of psychological research
• Describe and critique the research methodologies used by students
• Distinguish psychology’s approach to research from those of other, related disciplines (e.g., sociology and political science)
• Apply course material to everyday life

How you will be evaluated:
Students will complete three 90-minute exams, brief critiques of four films relating to psychology and five journal entries linking class material with everyday life. There will also be some quizzes to assure that students are learning regularly throughout the summer term.

Number of hours and cost:
2 hour & 13 minute classes, three times per week for six weeks
Students earn four credit hours per course.
Cost: $753.68 in-state
Cost: $3,312.44 out-of-state

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