Introduction to American Government

Visiting Assistant Professor Richard Skinner

Course Description:
Join Visiting Assistant Professor Richard Skinner, University of Virginia Ph.D., for an opportunity to develop a critical understanding of American politics. Students will analyze the working of the American political system, examining the workings of the three branches of government, as well as political parties, elections, the media and public opinion. We will include in-depth discussion of contemporary politics, as well as historical phenomena. This course will prepare students for further, in-depth study of American politics and equip them with the tools necessary for responsible citizenship.

What you will learn:
Students will gain a basic understanding of the American political system, including the Constitution, the three branches of the federal government and citizens’ understanding of the political world.

How you will be evaluated:
Midterm and final examinations

Number of hours and cost:
3 hour & 20 minute classes, three times per week for four weeks
Students earn four credit hours per course.
Cost: $753.68 in-state
Cost: $3,312.44 out-of-state

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