Why Study International & Area Studies at New College?

The International and Area Studies AOC at New College is committed to training a new generation to enter the global arena with a comprehensive understanding of world affairs. To address the unique challenges of global interdependence, we have strong ties to allied fields within New College, including environmental and urban studies, political science, history, economics, anthropology, religion, literature and gender studies. In addition, a solid bond with New College’s language programs enables students to study the languages needed for their undergraduate research and future careers.

Three Tracks
Our International and Areas Studies (IAS) AOC is distinctive in that it offers three tracks to meet a range of student interests and provide the type of rigorous education that will prepare you for graduate school or to go to work in the global market.

• The “Area Studies Track" combines fundamental courses on the international political and economic systems with your choice of specialization in a regional area.
• The “Systemic Track” focuses on a deeper understanding of the international political and economic systems.
• The “Issue Track" is designed for students with a specific interest in a major international issue that affects more than one region, e.g. development or peace and conflict.

Plus European Studies
In addition to the above three tracks, we offer a separate AOC in European Studies. This AOC is designed for students with intensive interests in the history, culture, politics and economics of the region. Students are free to concentrate in other regional areas under the IAS area studies track or as an individually designed major.

Both European Studies and International and Area Studies are also often combined with studies in other disciplines for what we call a slash AOC (e.g., International and Area Studies/History). Your faculty advisor can discuss this option and the requirements with you.

New College has a strong track record of producing Fulbright Scholars as well as students who have been selected for prestigious U.S. State Department Critical Language Scholarships and Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships for study abroad. To date, students have studied on six continents and in countries including Germany, Spain, China, Morocco, Israel, Malaysia, Turkey, Peru, Russia, Indonesia, Namibia, Norway and more.

New International Studies Center
Our commitment to making the International and Area Studies program even more rigorous and robust than it already is isn’t just lip service. Fundraising is currently underway for a new International Studies Center that will bring together resources for study abroad and language training. The Center will feature a lecture hall for classroom teaching, public talks and a symposia on international issues; state-of-the-art video conferencing to allow for national and international learning; interdisciplinary faculty offices; seminar rooms; and a group study lounge with access to international media.

[Did you know?]

Plans are underway at New College to build a new International Studies Center, cementing the College’s commitment to the international arena as a cornerstone of its offerings.

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