International & Area Studies Curriculum

General Information

The IAS area of concentration offers three tracks to meet a range of student interests and still provide solid training for future study or work in the area. The “Area Studies Track" combines fundamental courses on the international political and economic systems with the student’s choice of specialization in a regional area; the “Systemic Track” focuses on a deeper understanding of the international political and economic systems; and the “Issue Track" is designed for students with a specific interest in a major international issue that affects more than one region, e.g. global health issues or peace and conflict.

In addition to these three tracks in the IAS AOC, we offer a separate AOC in European Studies. The European Studies AOC is designed for students with intensive interests in this region and less of a focus on the international system. Students are free to concentrate in other regional areas as well, provided it is approved by faculty within the discipline.

International and Area Studies and European Studies are also very appropriate joint disciplinary or “slash” AOCs for students who wish to combine their interest in international affairs with another discipline. Your faculty advisor can assist you with questions and requirements for pursuing those options.

For detailed requirements for the IAS and European Studies AOCs, check out our General Catalog.

Study Abroad

Study abroad is required for all students majoring and highly recommended for students with a "slash" AOC or minor in International and Area Studies. Language courses taken abroad may be counted toward your requirements if they lead to at least as much progress as would be expected in a semester at New College. Many students study abroad as part of an Independent Study Project, a tutorial or as they research their senior thesis. Working with a professor, you can create an Independent Study Project or tutorial for travel during the academic year. New College students study all over the world through many different programs. One option is to participate in the National Student Exchange (NSE) and study at one of 190 participating colleges and universities in:

• United States
• Puerto Rico
• Guam
• U.S. Virgin Islands
• Canada
• Denmark
• France
• Germany
• Mexico
• Netherlands
• Spain

Sample course offerings in International and Area Studies:

Due to the flexible and interdisciplinary nature of our IAS and European Studies AOCs, it is difficult to list "typical" courses that students pursue. Instead, you will work with your faculty advisor to design a plan of study and coursework that matches your particular interests and goals.  

Sample courses available within each of the disciplines contributing to this AOC (e.g., Political Science, History) can be found on the disciplinary AOC pages. You may also view a list of all New College courses by semester by clicking here.

[Did you know?]

Plans are underway at New College to build a new International Studies Center, cementing the College’s commitment to the international arena as a cornerstone of its offerings.

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