Why Study Humanities at New College?

The Humanities are often considered the cornerstone of the liberal arts, and at New College our Humanities AOC features both the breadth and depth you would expect in this rich field of interdisciplinary study. Through advanced coursework in fields ranging from art and art history to literature, music, philosophy, religion and languages that include Classical Greek and Latin, Chinese, French, German, Russian and Spanish, you will learn to integrate and critically analyze different forms of knowledge. You will also strengthen your written and oral communication skills. All will prepare you well for future graduate school study and employment.  

Since many students who pursue our Humanities AOC eventually go on to graduate school, it is important to mention that New College's graduate placement record with nationally-ranked programs is excellent. Why? Because at New College, you will complete an individualized academic program designed by you and your faculty advisor. You will read and write extensively, do original (and often hands-on) research, and complete a senior thesis or project based on your own research or creative work. As a result, you will have already taken on challenges that most students don’t experience until they get to graduate school.

These same qualities of being able to think on your feet, critically analyze and adapt to new situations, and independently complete major projects on time make our graduates attractive to future employers as well. And both graduate schools and employers love the detailed recommendations our faculty can write because they know their students so well and have spent time with them, inside and outside of the classroom.


U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks New College among the top 10 of all public liberal arts colleges in its rankings of the best national liberal arts colleges in 2013.

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