Senior Thesis Projects in Humanities

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Humanities:

Matter'-ing' the Body Strategies of Resistance in Contemporary Art” by Aria Alamalhodaei

Deleuze's Cinematic Imperative: An Ethico-Politics of Belief in this World” by Jonathan Amos

In Site Out: Placing Emancipatory Practice in Installation and Site-Specific Work” by Katelyn Bobek

The Modernization of Buddhism In Taiwan: A Case Study of Tzu Chi and Fo Guang Shan” by Rafaela Calatchi

Another Verse: An Experiment in Interactive/Digital Poetics” by Michael Floering

A Semiotic Analysis of Ritual, Place, & Costume in the Performance Art of Nate Hill” by Juliana Hardesty

Stone Cold Women: The Tomb Monument of Princess Charlotte of Wales” by Sara Elizabeth Hogan

Embodied Gesture, Luce Irigaray and Woman's Political Imaginary in Digital Music Production: Seven Compositions and Feminist Inquiry” by Joohyun Kim

Practice Makes Perfect: The Theory and Praxis of Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed” by Ashlyn King

The Rastafari Movement and Reggae” by Carlos Larrauri

Peaking In Paradise: An Exploration of the Television Series Twin Peaks” by Megan Lyons

You Are About To Begin Reading: Accessibility and Postmodernist Performance in Italo Calvino's if on a Winter's Night a Traveler, Christian Jankowski's Telemistica, the Holy Artwork, Talk Athens, Art Market Tv, and Francis Alÿs's The Modern Procession” by Emile Mausner

Making and Breaking Public Space: Narrative Interventions as a Form of Contemporary Public Art Practice” by Madelyn Ringold-Brown

Bowing Down To All Human Suffering: Schillerian Ideals in the Robbers and Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, and the Role of Female Characters as Carriers of True Moral Value” by Daniela Rizzo

And Then She Said; an exploration of Somali Diasporic cultural identity through auto/ethnography, personal narratives, and dance performance” by Megan Amal Rogers

Autonomous and Bound: The Zine as Social, Political and Cultural Mediator” by Analeah Rosen

Documentary Theater and the Irony of History” by Aaron Amram

Play, Expressivity, and the Elemental: Marrying Speech, Movement, and Music Through Improvisation in Orff's Schulwerk” by Allison Dotts

Translating and Reimagining: Recovering Pizarnik in Her Late Prose Works” by Juliana Nalerio

"The Woman's Work": Constructions of the Domestic in the Works of Four Prose Poets” by Joslyn Persh

"Feminist Fairy Tales": Female Agency and Subversive Message in Fairy Tales of the Traditional European Canon” by Marisa Reichert

Approaching the Abortion Issue” by Matthew Deihl

Challenging Stereotypes, Testing Hypotheses, and Presenting Truths About Santeria” by Christina Goldstein

Back Issues: A History and Study of the Comics Form” by Ian James Gray

The Art of Considering Beauty: Cinderella's Legacy” by Marisol Guerrero

Play it by Ear: Towards a Definition of Audio Documentary” by Anna O. Hamilton

Tapeheads” by Nicholas Lucas

Jazz Poetry: The American Idiom” by Isabel Maioriello-Gallus

Cross-Dressing in the Movies” by Rebecca Marshall

Di Amerikaner-Geboren: Transformations of Yiddishkeyt in Jewish American Fiction” by Lane Silberstein

Gender, Race, Identity and the Practice of Writing: A Feminist Project” by Jacqueline Wang

No (Wo)man is an Island: Protecting Children, a Cause for Concern” by Jessica M. Yocum

Death in Germany: Original Artwork and Historic Texts in Conversation” by Lidia Cara

A Historical and Algorithmic Study of Fux's Approach to Counterpoint” by John Ewing

Development and Decline: Perspectives on Oratory in Early Imperial Rome” by John Falter

WAVES: An Exploration of Sound and Light” by Erica Gressman

Ludic Transformations: Game and Play in Julio Cortazar's 62 MODELO PARA ARMAR and Georges Perec's LA VIE MODE D'EMPLOI.” by Alba Jaramillo

Reflections of Cultural Voices in the Magic Mirror of "Snow White"” by Ashley Rose Johnson

Confronting Japan's Past: Nostalgia and Abandonment in Hayao Miyazaki's SPIRITED AWAY” by Laura Mohai

Enriching Music with the Sound of Life, Enriching Life with the Music of Sound: Synthesizers, Nature and Listening” by Jimmy Schaus

Food Literacy: All Organic Food Is (Not) Created Equal” by Lauren Shulman

An American Idol: Marilyn Monroe in Pop Art” by Shannon Kelsey Strischek

What's Love Got to do with It?: A Short Transatlantic Tour from Modernismo in Latin America to Victorian England through Poetry” by Lindsay Alvarez Gavrilis

A Citrus Place: Oranges as Florida Identity” by John Leo Costello

Form or Fascism?: Exploring Genre and Innovation in Three Nontraditional Sonnet Sequences” by Kathleen DeBolt

"As You Look Closer You Notice": Ekphrasis in Three Ancient Greek Novels” by Annie E. Frazier

Graciliano Ramos' Vidas Secas: Language: An Existential Struggle” by Ananda Martins

Conceiving and Antirepresentational Politics of Narrative” by Chrissie Bishop

Alfred Hitchcock and the Eye of the Beholder: Voyeurism & Metacinema in Rear Window, Vertigo, and Psycho” by Alice Lee Dutton

SHHH...It's Not Really an Icon: Examining the Faith Art Movement in Calvinist Churches” by Bethany DuVall-Francisco

An Adaptation of The Philadelphia” by Candace Farnstrand

Diasporic Voices: Exile Consciousness in the Works of Melinda Lopez, Arturo Rodriguez, and Ana Mendieta” by Elsie Morales

Mutual Regard: The Relatonship of Gustave Moreau and Edgar Degas” by Lea Rosen

Unamuno: A Hegelian, a Quixotist, and a Humanist” by Monica Cano

Another Place and Time” by Jelena Cvetkova

Fiction Writing: Trying & Teaching” by Gabriel Michael DeFazio

The Corridors of Metaphor An Unconventional Art History of the Alhambra” by Eva Gutiérrez

Creative Project in Sequential Narrative: Robots and Squid” by Michelle Josette aka Crashette Krasowski

Venus in Her Various Guises: A Close Look at the Reclining Female Nude in the Western Tradition” by James Murga

Inside Out: Collaborative Authorship and Narrative Distribution in Public New Media Artworks and Contemporary Technocultural Developments” by Heather E. Rasley

The Human Condition in Kurosawa's Rashomon” by Ryan Francis White

Building a Girl: Using Comix to Re-Create a Life, Story” by Jeanine Ashforth

Creation of a Character Installation” by Veronica Fannin

Immediate Attention: An Experiment in Quantum Theatre” by Dru Herring

Composure” by Meagan Mika

Gender Perspectives in a Female Authored Buddhist Autohagiography” by Meghan Jo Rimelspach

Hegemonic Rearticulation: A Politics of the Particular” by Cassandra Schmutz

Translation to English from Japanese, Spanish, and German” by Gina Torgersen

I Am Not An Indian: Combating Contrived American Indian Identities” by Ena Backus

Denying Significance: The Subversion of Conventional Representation as Seen in the Works of René Magritte and Claude Cahun” by Amanda Bell

As We Like Him or, Bardolatry in the Twenty-First Century: A Creative Exploration of Shakespeare, Culture, and the Theatre” by Bo Daniel Bentele

Eve-olution Reimagining the Mother of Knowledge” by Jaclyn Bergamino

A Knight at New College A Modern Medieval Romance” by Natan Gold

Eunierophrenia” by A. Page Laubheimer

The Evolution of the Structure of the Episotalry Novel from the Eighteenth Century to the Twentieth Century” by Laurel McAllister

Don't Forget to Write: Caribbean Poets Building Communities through Literature” by Nicholas H. Vagnoni

Turn of the Century Dialogues: An Exercise in Cross-Cultural Play Production” by Arianna Bailey

The Children of Aum: A Case Study of Aum Shinrikyo and Youth in Japan” by Danielle Fischer

Exploring Neh-Kor in Nepal: An Application of Toni Huber's Theory of Tibetan Pilgrimage” by Kathryn L. Grady

Body/Language in the Works of Jenny Saville, Mira Schor, Lesley Dill and Katie Helms” by Katie Helms

TYPEFACE: An Exploration of Text in Art” by Sarah Jane Kemp

By Virtue of the Absurd: One Last Movement” by Megan Mook

Subjective Contrast” by Colleen Powell

Teach the Children Well” by Jamie Seerman

Photographs and Fiction: A Theoretical Discourse and a Creative Response” by John Stein

Meals and Melodrama: Commensality in Contemporary International Cinema” by Anneliese Tolbert

The Female Experience of Adolescence: A Journalistic and Creative Approach” by Abby Weingarten

PhysicalEphemeral: Designing Literary Magazines for Print and Web Publications” by Kathryn R. Dow

Merce Cunningham's Dance of the Camera” by Andrea M. Garrod

Kandinsky's Apocalyptic Vision and the New Synaesthetic Art” by David Johansen

The Communist Subversion of Culture in Milan Kundera's Life is Elsewhere and The Unbearable Lightness of Being” by Jane Kleven

Breaking the Back of Words': An Experiment in Creating a Material Discourse Using Julia Kristeva's 'Stabat Mater', Toni Morrison's Beloved, and Original Creative Nonfiction” by Melissa Renee

Cirque du Soleil: A Failure in Success” by Shane Riley

Denunciation as Deliberation: The Takeoff of Multiculturalism within the Context of the Rushdie Affair” by Andrew Stawar

Creating An Online Writing Community” by Rebecca Block

Constructing Subjecthood in Theory and Fiction” by Elizabeth Elia

Stealing Junk: Rescuing Addiction From the Prison of Medicalization” by Jennifer Fedor

Searching for Justiss: An Analysis, A Visual Installation and a Performance of Some Poetry by Alan Justiss” by Nestor Gil, Jr.

Last Knight' A Play by Jason Grimste” by Jason Grimste

Underwater Fashion Show and the Sublime” by Anna Montana Hilmer-Cirell

Rhythm Dancing: Female Bodies in Conversation” by Monique LaCour

Fishily on Love & Poetry: Power Structures and Misogyny in Gunter Grass's The Flounder” by Alicia Marini-Reed

Living Rooms” by James Powell

Coffeehouse Culture: Half a Millennium of Caffeine, Sedition and Tradition” by Lauren Sue Rathvon

Harry Potter and the Quest of the Hero” by Leah Schnelbach

Heidegger, Moods and His Times” by Jeffrey Tonn

Bad Elk” by Matt Wexler

Independent Filmmaking: The Making of Another Day Gone By and Standards of Decency” by Matthew Aldrich

The Holy Grail in Modern Literature: An Examination of Grail Motifs in Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain and T. S. Eliot's The Wasteland” by Tamara Baldwin

Film and the Masquerade: Gender Performance and Problems of Essentialism” by Anne Doten

Meaning/Mask” by Sara Elizabeth Foley

Creating Art: An Analytical and Experiential Compendium” by Kellie Fortner-Atkins

More Ways Than One: Themtic, Stylistic and Linguistic Transmission of Message in The Works of Juan Rulfo” by Kathryn Griess

Punk Zines: Literary Monsters” by Pumakawa Navarro


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