Why Study History at New College?

As a History AOC at New College, you can study alongside a faculty member who was awarded a Mellon Foundation Post-Doctoral Rome Prize at the American Academy in Rome, Italy. Or you can have coffee and discuss your future with professors who have published work on everything from the Harlem Renaissance to the Great Depression, progressive energy policy, race relations and international development. Regardless of your choice of specialization, our faculty bring history to life in the classroom, through campus events and activities, and through the close, one-on-one relationships they develop with students. They will also help you sharpen your analytical powers, develop your verbal and written communication abilities, and learn research techniques to help improve your graduate school and career success. 

The following four areas of history are offered regularly at New College:
• American History
• Chinese/East Asian History
• Medieval/Early Modern European History
• Modern European History

Within each of these broad areas, our faculty offer period, regional and thematic specialties through a wide range of courses, seminars and tutorials. Students are also encouraged to work with faculty in designing group projects and Independent Study Projects that satisfy each student's particular needs and interests. For students wanting an even broader perspective, our History AOC combines effectively with a number of other disciplines at the College as well.  Medieval and Renaissance Studies and International and Area Studies are particularly popular options for students who choose this interdisciplinary path.

[Did you know?]

The Biennial New College Conference on Medieval & Renaissance Studies draws top scholars in history, literature, art history, philosophy and other fields from around the world. Students have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the scholars and attend conference presentations for free.

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