Goals & Principles

To maintain our mission, New College of Florida has the following goals:

• To provide a quality education to students of high ability who, because of their ability, deserve a program of study that is both demanding and stimulating.
• To engage in undergraduate educational reform by combining educational innovation with educational excellence.
• To provide programs of study that allow students to design their educational experience as much as possible in accordance with their individual interests, values and abilities.
• To challenge undergraduates not only to master existing bodies of knowledge but also to extend the frontiers of knowledge through original research.

New College pursues these goals through highly selective admissions, an individualized and intensive "academic contract" curriculum, frequent use of individual and small-group instruction, an emphasis on student/faculty collaboration, a required senior thesis and innovative approaches to the modes of teaching and learning. It all adds up to a very personalized experience.

Four principles define our educational philosophy. These principles serve as guideposts among each student’s educational path.

• Each student is responsible in the last analysis for his or her education.
• The best education demands a joint search for learning by exciting instructors and able students.
• Students' progress should be based on demonstrated competence and real mastery rather than on the accumulation of credits and grades.
• Students should have from the outset opportunities to explore areas of deep interest to them.

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