Senior Thesis Projects in German

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in German Language & Literature:

Herta Muller's Barefoot February: A Translation” by Adam Bresnahan

The Alps as Symbol of National Identity: An Analysis of the German Bergfilm” by Lauren White

The Better German: Asylum and the Construction of German National Political Identity, 1949-1993” by Hannah Woerner

WAS BEDEUTET BIO FUR EUCH? Exploring Collaborative Research on a Demeter Farm in Germany” by Lee Ellen Reed

Experience Over Reason: Werner Herzog's Kasper Hauser” by Michael Powers

Asserting Identity: Jewish Repatriates in the GDR” by Alia Schultz

Marleni: An Annotated Translation” by Erica Haas

To Blast away the Things that Block Men's Ears': Adorno's Relevance for Contemporary Music” by Thomas W. Patteson

An Economic and Social Analysis of Nazi Germany and the Volkswagen Project” by Sean Wilson

Comparison and Interpretation of two Literary Works by German Women Authors: Kindheitsmuster by Christa Wolf and Herbstmilch by Anna Wimschneider” by Annette Mulholland

The Individual and the Modern Age: Early 20th Century Vienna” by Devra Kiewit

The Ideology and Practice of Liberal Nationalism in Prussia from Herder to the Wars of Liberation” by Karin Breuer

An Historical Examination of Klaus Mann's Mephisto: Roman Einer Karriere” by Caroline Huey

Frederick II of Prussia: Enlightened Despotism in Action” by Gay Urvoas

The Rise of American Imperialism by Hans-Ulrich Wehler: translated by Meriwether” by Charlotte Meriwether

The Artist & Society: A Study of Thomas Mann” by Anita Campitelli

Adolf Hitler: Insight to the Man” by Monica Klein

Getting in Tune: Prolegomena to a Study of Philosophical Receptivity Among Different Languages” by Remy Luria

King Lear: Konig Lear; A Comparative Criticism” by David Daisaku Mukai


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New College is one of the nation's per capita leaders in terms of Fulbright Scholars. Over the years, 31 of the 75 New College students who have earned Fulbrights  have studied in Germany.

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