General Chemistry 1

Suzanne Sherman, Associate Professor

Course Description:
Join Associate Professor Suzanne Sherman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D., for the standard first semester lecture course of a two-semester general chemistry sequence. It is designed for science students and others interested in chemistry-related fields, such as environmental science. This semester will cover atoms, compounds, atomic and molecular structure, stoichiometry of chemical reactions and bonding. If there is time, we will also discuss gases and the atmosphere. Please note that there is no laboratory component to this course.

What you will learn:
Students will learn how to use the periodic table to determine the formulas of ionic compounds, what properties a particular combination of elements will result in, how to determine the structures of molecular compounds, and how to determine a theoretical yield of product when reactants are combined.

How you will be evaluated:
Approximately nine homework sets consisting of approximately 15 problems each, three to four quizzes of approximately four problems each and a final exam of approximately 10 problems.

Number of hours and cost:
2 hour classes, four times per week for six weeks
Students earn four credit hours per course.
Cost: $753.68 in-state
Cost: $3,312.44 out-of-state

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