Student Life

The Office of Student Affairs works to provide students with opportunities to expand their education beyond classrooms, laboratories, and studios. In concert with our efforts to enhance the academic mission of the College, the student affairs staff offers students a variety of innovative and creative programs, activities, and educational initiatives to promote personal growth, leadership, and development.

In collaboration with the academic mission of New College, the Office of Student Affairs is committed to offering students opportunities to take responsibility for their living and for their co- curricular learning. The professional staff members are educators, programmers, counselors, and facilitators, and are actively

The principal goals of Student Affairs are:

1.       To work with faculty, students, and staff to incorporate co-curricular learning and involvement into the overall academic mission of the College.

2.       To maintain active involvement in the lives of our students as mentors and educators.

3.       To celebrate and support the diversity of our community, and the uniqueness of each individual.

4.       To create opportunities for learning that promote leadership, community engagement, and citizenship.

Services of the Office of Student Affairs

Student Affairs at New College aims to provide a safe, intellectual, physical and emotional space for students to engage in the liberal arts beyond the classroom. Their goal is to complement the classroom experiences, inspire students so that they become passionate about what they learn, and develop life skills so that they can become positive members of their community.  Student Affairs offers a variety of innovative and creative programs, activities, and educational initiatives to promote personal growth, leadership, and development. They work with students, staff, the community and faculty to incorporate co-curricular learning and involvement into the overall mission of the college.

Student Affairs oversees the student union (Hamilton Center) and the Residential Life office, which manages the residential areas and food services. The Gender & Diversity Center, a division of Student Affairs, works with students and staff to arrange educational events celebrating different cultures. The Counseling and Wellness Center offers personal counseling, health services, wellness education and disabled student assistance and is also administered by counselors who are on the student affairs staff. Furthermore, the Registrar, and the Office of Financial Aid work closely with Student Affairs to support students.

Student Ombudsman

The New College Dean of Students serves as Ombudsman to assist students with decisions related to successful academic progress towards their degree. Students can contact the Ombuds Office regarding a decision that is related to students' access to courses or to issues with contract credit that slow access to their degree. The office will review the concern and discuss options with the student, providing guidance through any appeals process and identifying appropriate channels. A student aggrieved by a decision may informally mediate his or her grievance. If mediation is unsuccessful, the student has the right to appeal that decision at a hearing before the President of New College. Information may be obtained by contacting the Office of Student Affairs, HCL 001.

For information on complaints regarding New College to external agencies, please see the section on Accreditation.

Residential Life

Currently, 75 percent of New College's students live in the residence halls. First-year students are required to live on campus. The residency requirement insures that beginning college students can be part of the living-learning experience that is central to New College’s mission. In the spring, upper level students are required to go through the room draw process. The process allows students to draw rooms both off- and on-campus. Not all students are granted their first choice. Non - residential students generally share houses and apartments near campus.

The College completed, in 2007, five new residential halls. Four of them provide apartment -style living for about 100 students, total. Each apartment offers common space, a full bathroom, a small kitchenette and 3-4 single bedrooms. A few studio singles are also available, mainly to offer more privacy and quiet for thesis students. These halls feature some beautiful architecture, including high timbered roofs with arched windows and an abundance of natural light. The fifth hall, The Rhoda Pritzker Residence Hall, provides housing for 90 students. It too provides apartments, full bathrooms, small kitchenettes and 4 single bedrooms. Residents share balconies, lounges, full kitchens and laundry facilities. The hall also features a third story, open-air lounge, and a central courtyard.

The cluster of residence halls, built around Palm Court near Hamilton Center, was designed by the internationally acclaimed I. M. Pei. Each room accommodates two or three students and is climate -controlled. All rooms have a private entrance and private bath. Supplementing the Pei- designed cluster is B -Dorm, which houses 32 students in traditional residential-hall  style. Here, a more communal residential life develops around shared facilities.

Finally, the Dallas and Elizabeth Dort and the Ann and Alfred Goldstein Residence Halls provide apartment -style accommodation. Each apartment has four single bedrooms and two bathrooms that open to a shared living area and a partial kitchen. These two halls, constructed in 1998 and 1999, house 142 students.

Supporting Residential Life is a staff that includes the Director of Residential Life, three Residential Directors, the Coordinator of Residential Facilities, and 15-20 student Resident Assistants. Other student affairs staff members work in support of the residential life program.

Food Service

The food service plan at New College combines the convenience and collegiality of the traditional college dining hall with opportunity for self-catering that allows students to pursue their own styles of cooking and dining. In Hamilton Center a full-service cafeteria provides brunch and dinner seven days a week. Cafeteria selections include a salad bar, and a vegetarian and vegan entree. A sub shop operated by the campus food service vendor complements the cafeteria hours. All students participate in at least a partial dining plan based on the cafeteria service.

Separate from the food service plan but also located on campus, the Four Winds Café is a student-run business that provides a wide variety of coffee drinks as well as tea, smoothies, bagel sandwiches, and other fare.

The Four Winds Café is a popular spot with students and staff alike, and occasionally hosts tutorials, poetry readings, and open-mic nights.

Many students choose to combine college dining with some self-catering. A fish market/restaurant is within walking distance of campus; supermarkets are within a mile-and-a-half radius. In addition, the cafeteria service offers access to ordering food and supplies from a variety of catalogues.

Student Activities

Drawing on the "A & S" (Activity and Service) fees paid by all students with tuition, students organize and sponsor fine arts exhibits, plays, music performances,  film series, an annual “semi-formal” dance, Palm Court Parties (a New College tradition), fitness courses, sports programs, and student publications. Adding to student-funded and student-initiated activities are programs sponsored by Student Affairs, such as volunteer and community activities, gender awareness events, field trips to support out-of -classroom experiences and Family Weekend. The President of the College and the academic divisions invite visiting scholars to campus and sponsor academic forums and community conferences. The Campus Ministry and the Gender and Diversity Center also contribute to activities on campus.

In sum, a variety of campus organizations, groups, individuals, and offices create a range of activities of surprising depth and breadth for a small college.


New College has impressive recreation facilities for a small liberal arts college. The campus has ample space for field sports, games, jogging, and cycling. Facilities include a 25-meter swimming pool, spa, large and professionally staffed indoor fitness center, lighted basketball and tennis courts, softball diamond, bike shop, fitness path, multipurpose playing field, and waterfront facilities for sailing, kayaking, fishing, and other outdoor adventures.

New College recreation offers the best of both worlds in that students are encouraged to come up with their own clubs, yet there is staff help available for the development of intramural and inter-collegiate athletic and other fitness and sports-related activities.

 New College Student Organizations currently include:

·          Alliance for On-Campus Justice & Equality

·          Amnesty International

·          Basketball (Men’s)

·          Ben and Jerry's Devotional Society

·          Best Buddies Colleges

·          Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club

·          Circle K / Volunteerism Club

·          College Bowl

·          Dance Tutorial

·          Debate Club

·          Fencing Club

·          Flag Football Club

·          FMLA (Feminist Majority Leadership  Alliance)

·          Food Not Bombs

·          Golf Club

·          German Club

·          Governor's Opportunity  Alliance (tutoring)

·          Hispanic Achievers (tutoring)

·          Jesus Club (Christian Fellowship)

·          Keys to the Future (tutoring)

·          Math Clinic

·          Memoirs of Ibid: nonfiction literary magazine

·          Multifaith Council

·          Muslim Student Association

·          New College Athletics Association

·          New College Crew

·          New College Democrats

·          New College Greens Hillel

·          New College Republicans

·          Nice RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)

·          Origami Club

·          Organic Gardening

·          Photography Club

·          PRIDE

·          Psychology Club

·          Quidditch Club

·          Racquetball Club

·          SCUBA Club

·          Soccer Club (Men’s)

·          Soccer Club (Women’s)

·          Swimming Club

·          Tennis club

·          Thespia

·          Triathlon Club

·          VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood

·          Ultimate Frisbee

If you don’t see an organization in this list that suits you, we invite you to come and get it started.

New Student Information

New students, including transfers, take part in an orientation program prior to the first week of classes in the fall semester. This familiarizes students with New College's unique academic environment and introduces them to faculty, staff, and returning students. A one -day orientation is held prior to the start of spring semester for students entering at mid-year.

Gender & Diversity Center

Located in Hamilton Center, the
Gender & Diversity Center provides programming and services to the campus focused on issues of tolerance, understanding, multi-culturalism, and gender related issues. The Resident Director of Diversity and Gender serves as the College’s resource person for any student, faculty, or staff wishing to explore related issues and topics.

Counseling & Wellness Center

Counseling and Wellness Center offers a wide range of services to aid in student development and achieve both personal and academic success. The Center offers comprehensive, professionally-staffed programs including counseling services, health services, and disability services. The Counseling and Wellness Center strives to provide services related to the development of the whole person; emotional and physical well-being, as well as academic concerns. A Wellness philosophy is the foundation for all services and programs.

Counseling Services

The Center provides confidential individual therapy to current students. Counseling is designed to address a wide variety of student concerns ranging from time management, personal development, and on-going mental health needs. The Center utilizes a consulting psychiatrist for medication management with active on-going clients, if warranted. In addition to individual therapy, the Center also offers couples counseling, crisis intervention, psycho -education groups and outreach programming.  For more detailed information regarding the process of counseling services, please visit our

Health Services

Health Services address a wide range of medical needs including primary care, referral, and educational services. A Physician or Physician Assistant is available Monday through Friday 1 PM to 5 PM during the fall and spring semesters. Standard office visits at the Counseling and Wellness Center are free. Specialized services such as gynecological visits and immunizations are also available at cost. For specific cost information or an appointment, call (941) 487-4254.

Students have the option to purchase health insurance through United Healthcare, and information can be found
on-line or you can pick up a brochure at the Center.

Disability and Discrimination

New College of Florida strives to afford people with disabilities equal opportunity and full participation in all aspects of College life. To that end, it is the policy of New College of Florida to provide equal admission opportunity to make reasonable accommodation to employ and admit the disabled, and assist disabled students in independent living and self- sufficiency as required by law.

The Office of Student Disability Services, located at the Counseling and Wellness Center, determines the disability status of, arranges accommodations for, and, in conjunction with staff and faculty, identifies successful strategies for disabled students. The Director can be contacted at the Counseling and Wellness Center. Success strategies and accommodations include but are not limited to, extended time on examinations, alternate formats for printed materials, and the services of interpreters.

Students with disabilities are eligible to apply for annual financial awards from the Johnson Scholarship Foundation.

Religious Life/Interfaith Activities

New College of Florida, a public institution, does not endorse any religious affiliation or practice, and does not offer religious services or doctrinal instruction. However, religion occupies an important place in the lives of many New College students, and numerous local congregations and religious organizations welcome the participation and membership of New College students. Moreover, private organizations assist students in establishing relationships with local congregations, provide pastoral counseling, offer religious study groups, and conduct faith-based programs and activities. The Association for Campus Ministry, supported by local churches and denominational groups, provides a part-time campus minister. Hillel, supported by an independent board based in Tampa and Sarasota, operates from the Gender and Diversity Center.

Veterans Affairs

Questions or concerns regarding VA educational benefits may be directed to the New College VA liaison in the Office of the registrar, at or (941) 487-4230. All veterans, veterans' dependents, and active duty military personnel may request assistance with pre-admission counseling, pre-registration advising, and veterans’ benefit resources.

Book Store

The Campus Bookshop, operated by Barnes and Noble, carries textbooks and related educational materials as well as general supplies, stationery, casual clothing, and sundry items.

Mail Service

The student mail service provides a mailbox in Hamilton Center for each New College student. Arrangements for package pick-up are available. Packages less than one pound can be mailed at the campus mailroom. Heavier packages can be mailed from the Tallevast Post Office, a few miles north and east of the airport.

Student Governance

Students are the primary focus at New College, and every student has access to any member of the faculty and staff. But access alone does not insure an effective voice in governance.  The student body has a governance structure that results in considerable student input into student life, while also insuring a student voice in academic affairs. The New College Student Alliance operates under its own constitution, and any student may call a Town Meeting to discuss issues of importance to the campus community.

Elected student representatives sit as voting members on the New College faculty and its constituent divisions (Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences).  Elected student representatives also serve on standing committees of the faculty, helping the faculty frame academic policies in such areas as admissions, curriculum, and library services. Moreover, all students are invited to comment on the strengths and weaknesses of professors; student input is a part of the formal record of performance on which the hiring, promotion, and retention of professors is based.

Community Conduct Procedures

New College expects each student to act with maturity and to assume responsibility for individual actions. Within this context, students can develop individual life styles (consistent with established law and regulations), while respecting the rights and property of others. New College judicial procedures have been established in accordance with State of Florida regulations.

In their student government constitution and student code, New College students have formulated guidelines for self- regulation in disciplinary matters in concert with the Dean of Students. These measures aim toward constructive settlement of cases under dispute. The New College Student Court is recognized by, and under the review of, the Office of Student Affairs. Its proceedings respect the rights of the accused in the settlement of disputes.

In addition to the Student Court, there is a Campus Conduct/Mediation Board, composed of staff and students, which may hear cases that could result in suspension or expulsion from the College. Procedures for implementing the judicial board are outlined in the Code of Conduct. All in all, the aim is to encourage student participation and ownership in a framework that preserves College responsibility and authority.

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