Why Study Gender Studies at New College?

Our Gender Studies program attracts a diverse group of students both in terms of self-identity and range of academic interests. Our cohort of declared Gender Studies concentrators includes students:

• With training in social science research methods such as interviewing, statistical analysis or participant observation.
• Who are comfortable with the more rarified approaches of feminist theory and poststructuralist feminisms.
• Who are deeply concerned about making the theory-practice link.
• Who are attracted to Gender Studies because they have personal experience with marginalized or unconventional gender and/or sexual identities.

At New College, you can choose to complete an Area of Concentration (AOC) in Gender Studies or combine your work with another field, completing what we call a "joint disciplinary" AOC. Students have completed joint AOCs with a variety of other fields - you can see a full listing here.

As a Gender Studies student at New College, you’ll explore:

• Gender as socially constructed, historically understood or cross-cultural.
• Sex and sexuality as biological, psychological, social, culturally constituted, artistically represented or socially or performatively produced.
• Historical, cross-cultural, philosophical and social science approaches.
• Theories of gender, sex and sexuality.
• Opportunities for politically informed activism or nonprofit/volunteer work on gender/sex/sexuality related issues.

Your course work may include group tutorials or Independent Study Projects (ISPs) on topics of special interest. Internships and activist and service-learning opportunities are also strongly encouraged.


Our Gender Studies alums have gone on to careers as professors, physicians, founders and directors of nonprofits, attorneys, communications executives, public policy-makers, teachers, authors, filmmakers and more.

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