Gender Studies Fast Facts

Gender Studies is a dynamic interdisciplinary field of academic study and research. Drawing on continuing scholarly developments in the Natural and Social Sciences and in the Humanities, Gender Studies invites us to consider and to question the assumptions and values that shape our individual self-image and our interactions with others in society.

Some students approach Gender Studies from the angle of Environmental Studies, others with the cross-cultural concerns of anthropology, or with an interest in how gender inflects the field of ethics; what joins them in conversation is a will to examine how human understandings of gender and sexual identity have changed over time and how they continue to shape our experience of the world.

Broadly defined at New College, Gender Studies encompasses work that could also be called women’s studies, masculinity studies, lesbian and gay studies, queer studies, or feminist studies; it also intersects with the issues raised in the various fields of ethnic studies.

Program Details

Affiliated faculty in 2013-14 : 45

31 disciplines represented
Art History
Asian Studies
Chinese Language & Literature
Environmental Science
Environmental Studies
French Language & Literature
German Language & Literature
Greek Language & Literature
International Studies
Judaic Studies
Physical Chemistry
Political Science
Russian Language & Literature
Spanish Language & Literature

Areas of Concentration in Gender Studies, including Special Program and Joint AOCs: 93
2 in 1996; 4 in 1997; 7 in 1998; 5 in 1999; 3 in 2000; 3 in 2001; 3 in 2002; 5 in 2003; 1 in 2004; 3 in 2005; 6 in 2006; 7 in 2007; 3 in 2008; 1 in 2009; 3 in 2010; 6 in 2011; 9 in 2012; 16 in 2013; 6 in 2014

Over 180 theses with titles including the words Gender, Women, Men, Feminist, Female, Male, Queer, Lesbian, Homosexual and Gay (between 1972-2010)

Sample titles of theses from 1972
The Myth of the Natural Woman, or At Least Freud Didn't Call Us Chicks

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Some Perspectives on Marriage and the Nuclear Family from Participants in the Women's Movement

Program History
First graduate in special program "Women’s Studies": 1972

First listed in catalog as joint disciplinary area of concentration: 1995

Annual average of 4 declared GS AOCs, including Special Program AOCs in Women’s Studies: since 1996

First GS January Workshop: 1998

Program office opened with a part-time office assistant: 2004

Dr. Fatou Diop, Sociologist from the University of Gaston Berger, visited when GS was awarded a Fulbright Visiting Specialist in the Muslim World: 2005

Ruth Behar, Professor of Anthropology and McArthur Grant recipient, was hosted by GS and presented a public lecture on "The Ruth Room and My Search for the Jews of Cuba": 2006

Michael Messner, Professor of Sociology, USC, visited when GS was awarded Society of Women in Sociology Feminist Lecturer : 2007

Annual GS sponsorship of Sarasota/Manatee Women's Equity Celebration, commemorating women's right to vote, began: 2007

Xueping Zhang, Professor of Chinese History and Culture, Tufts University, hosted by GS: 2008

"Gender and the Body Image" Independent Study Project sponsored by GS in January: 2009

Joe Feagin presented "Racism and Anti-Racism" lecture hosted by GS: 2009

First joint disciplinary GS course "Same, Equal, Different: Gender Studies in the U.S." taught by Dr. Amy Reid: 2010

bell hooks visited New College in March and planned to return for three annual visits as a Senior Visiting Distinguished Professor: 2010

Contributions of GS to the campus recognized by the naming of Dr. Amy Reid as Director of Gender Studies Program: 2010

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